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January Favourites...

HONEY, its February tomorrow. Its official we made it though arguably the hardest month of the year. Congrats all round. So as is a time honoured tradition here on I want to run through the things I have been loving this month.

The Tales of Beadle the Bard/ Fantastic Beasts (AWTFT)

Well I raved about the film last month and am a huge fan of anything Harry Potter. These two books were a surprise Christmas gift, and I read them so quickly (I may have even squeezed in a re-read). Beadle the Bard is the set of stories that is part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It features the tales and then Dumbledore's analysis of each tale, its such a lovely read.

Fantastic Beasts, is the screenplay of the Film (like the Cursed child book I mentioned here), and reading it is like watching the film- so immersive. I cannot recommend them enough.

Get Beadle the Bard here and Fantastic Beasts here

Spiced Biscuit Spread

In October my friend (The beautiful and insanely clever Becky) and I took brunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Covent Garden, and we ordered a bread and pastry basket. On the table were condements, and one of them was a spiced biscuit spread. Well I had never had anything like it so I was ready to try it. Well honey let me tell you it was the stuff of dreams. However, plot twist I forgot all about it. That is until this Christmas whereupon Becky- amongst other beautiful things, yes my incredible monogrammed dressing gown is down to Becky too -presented me with a beautiful jar of spiced biscuit spread. IT DID NOT LAST LONG. This one I think is from Lidl- congrats Lidl. However I also know Lotus make it too. Honey get to a store and buy some to change your life.

Get similar here

Keeping Up Appearances

This time of the year I always need cheering up. So I sought refuge within the warm comfort of an early 90’s sitcom. Keeping Up Appearances was a firm favourite as a child, and now as an adult much of the humour is clearer and is just as enjoyable.

Get it here

Chanel Peridot Nail Polish

The season of the glitter nail is over (apparently) so I felt that this being January I would scale back to a metalic. I will admit that this nail polish is around 6 years old so you cannot buy it anymore, it was a hugely popular sell out polish. I think now it looks very similar to the chrome nails around at the minute. I have reached for this a lot this past month, as it goes with so much and wears well with a good 4-7 day wear.

Perhaps you might find it on eBay

Man About Town

Fashion magazines are a constant favourite of mine. However, I scoured the country for this one. Until in my local WH Smith in the North no less, I found it. Well it wasn't a disappointment with a really amazing selection of fashion editorials. A must read this month for me.

My Favourite outfit

A new category I have added to my favourites new for 2017 !! This month it's a tie between My New Year Revolutions post and Spice up your life !! Click on the looks to revisit the posts.

Well there you have it, January DONE, well done to us !! I will see you on Friday in February !!!

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