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Ben Tries: Lip Balm...

Welcome to the second instalment of the Ben Tries series, where I attempt to broaden my horizons by trying different things.

Today I am focusing on Lip Balms I have very dry lips that are a constant battle of mine. I have selected 4 different products to compare against my current go to Blistex. I will try all of the products and compare them before deciding if I have a new go to product.

This is my current choice. It is very moisturising, has a pleasant minty aroma and lasts a good amount of time on the lips. It can sting on split lips a little, and the bright whiteness of it means that it can take a little while to rub in and can cause a raised eyebrow when not fully rubbed in ! Also if its windy your hair can get stuck in your lips a bit too which is annoying.

Okay first impressions, very nice natural scent which is good, its really easy to apply to the lips which is greta for on the go. Also the colourless of this is also great for avoiding embarrassment !! However, its not as moisturising as Blistex, I would reach for this more often which is not as convenient. However it does abide the hair sticking issue so its not all bad.

After the Nivea I wasn’t holding out much hope for this product, however it surprised me. Scent firstly was a nice neutral one. Application is super easy like the nivea. Again colourless and not very sticky so avoids any kind of red faced issues. Then comes the best bit, it is so moisturising, it lasts a good while and really does the job well. Chuck in the fact that it has an SPF15 it could be my new go to.

A classic here. Scent is fine, and it is very effective. Putting this on before gong to sleep, waking up my lips still fee protected and soft. However thats where the fun for me ends. I am not a fan of finger in pot, finger to lips. To me it doesn’t feel very higeneic and so for me its a home only product.

Something slightly different, which relies on natural products. Application is easy clear and a doddle, I like the coconut scent, and it is very moisturising so it looks like we are onto a winner here. However its really wet, its very slippy and to me was annoying, so would be great for overnight, but not day to day for me.

So there you have it, 4 new products tried and tested. Do I have a new favourite ?? YES!!! Its the Palmers Cocoa Butter its the perfect one for me, its very moisturising, easy to apply and long lasting. Blistex falls into second and the rest as a collective 3rd for all their pros/cons.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying this series !!

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