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Ben Tries: Red Nail Polish...

Welcome back to, I hope you all had a lovely Easter/Bank Holiday weekend !! Today I am bringing you the forth instalment of the Ben Tries series, where I attempt to broaden my horizons by trying different things.

Today I am focusing on Red Nail Polish. I think that finding the right red nail polish is a hard. So I want to try a selection from different brands at different prices to see if I can find a clear winner. I have included a brand new Chanel nail polish as I know I like their formulas, so I shall be testing other brands alongside this.

First I will run through the polishes and their colour and how well they paint. Then I will review how they wear after 2 whole days.

Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine in Double Decker- £2.99

This is my cheapest red, and is a lovely bright red. The brush for me was alarmingly wide, and when it came to painting it was quite tricky to be refined.

Max Factor Glossfinity in Passion- £6

The next step up, and again has lovely bright red hue. The brush on the Max Factor is much better, so allowed me to get a better shape.

OPI in Having a Big Head Day- £12

Again a doubled price. I do like the formula of OPI, however I’m not the biggest fan of the size of their brushes. The shade of this red is nearly perfect for me though.

OPI in Color So Hot it Berns- £12

I have included another OPI as their colour range is just so extensive. As before I have issues with the brush. Also for me this shade of red is not quite right; it seems to lack some depth.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear in Pirate- £20

So this is the most expensive of all the polishes. However previous experience with Chanel suggests that we may well be onto a winner. I love Chanel’s brushes as I have raved on about before. I love the shade as it has a lovely depth, that a lot of the colours lack. Read previous ramblings here, here and here.

I used the same amount of base coat, and all the colours have 2 coats of polish. Then I used a top coat to finish them all off.

As is quite usual with red polish, the top coat brush goes red, simply wipe and squeeze off the red off the brush into some form of tissue. This will stop with your topcoat from going pink !!

Rimmel Double Decker

Out of all the reds this wore the worst, chipping in the first day. As it was only cheap I am not too disappointed, but this is not the one.

Max Factor Passion

This wore surprisingly well, with just a few nibbles. This is great considering the price.

OPI Having a Big Head Day

This didn’t wear as well as I expected so for the price this isn’t great.

OPI Color So Hot it Berns

Again as with the previous this didn’t wear too well. Also I really don’t like the shade of red compared to the others.

Chanel Pirate

Surprise surprise this wore the best out of all of the product. However, even the Chanel isn’t immune from wear. I also love the colour the most

So there you have it, 5 Red Polishes tested and I have a winner. Chanel Pirate, followed surprisingly by Max Factor in Passion in second, OPI Having a Big Head Day in third, fourth goes to OPI Color So Hot it Berns, and Rimmel Double Decker comes in last.

So it seems that if you don’t want to spend £20 then Max Factor is a good bet, and a lot cheaper.

Thank you for reading this post and I will see you on Friday !!


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