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Mistakes are the best way to learn

Oh hello darling and welcome to the first post of 2020!! I cannot tell you how weird it feels to be typing that, but here we are!

I thought the best way to kick of the fresh year, and decade, is actually to remind you that perfection is relative, and sometimes the best way to succeed is to make mistakes, and learn from them. Without the misteps, blunders and fuck-ups in my life, I would not be where I am today.

No one loves to make a mistake, but when we look back upon them, we can rejoice the mere fact that we got through it, and are now on the other side. We don’t have to feel stronger, but it is essential that we be grateful for ALL our experiences. These are the things that shape us into the people we are.

2020 Ben owes a lot to the mistakes of years gone by, thus I thought the best way to kick off this year would be to revel in my outtakes. Yes these are images that didn’t make the cut, swatting hands, trips, falls and crazy eyes, they are all here.

I adore looking back at how far I have come and the stumbles along the way, and I urge you to do the same at this reflective time of year.

So sit back and enjoy the outtakes of 2019!


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