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August Favourites

At this point I may as well just copy and paste what I wrote last month or the month before; because I am so shocked that August is drawing to a close. I really feel that this year has zoomed past me !! I am a fan of tradition thus as it is the end of the month a round up of my favourites must be compiled and this is just that !!

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie has been lingering in my ‘because you watched x watch this’ section. One day when I had watched all the episodes of Drag race and Project Runway, I decided to give this a go. I really have not regretted the decision. A little bit wacky, sometimes a little predictable, but a good giggle with characters that everyone can relate to. Well worth a watch.

Watch it here

On a side note, Netflix is a love hate thing for me. It has wonderful things to watch, but it steals your time one episode at a time.

Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud

This has been my go to scent this month and I have really come to depend on it. Such an addictive scent, I cannot get enough of it. Also, I have to mention that unlike other Jo Malone colognes I have worn in the past that this has real staying power- which is a complete plus !!

Get it here

M&S Pretzel Sticks

This is a hangover from my party at the start of the month. I remember at the time saying that they were nice. However when used as a dipping tool in Nutella (or unbranded alternative) then this is the snack that beats ALL others. So moreish and scrumptious.

Birthday Cake

Talking of scrumptious, my Birthday cake which lasted ages was a really big part of this month. It was so nice, and as cakes go I can highly recommend this one.

Get it here

Tom Ford Sunglasses

I cannot stop wearing these sunglasses, they have such impact and are so different from all the other pairs in my collection. I can highly recommend these sunglasses as they are so comfortable, they are weightless on my face which if you wear glasses all the time is such a plus.

Get them here

Look What You Made Me do | Taylor Swift

I know it only came out on Friday and the video followed at the weekend - but honey this has been on NON STOP since and has to be the song of the month and hopefully Reputation (which comes out on November 13th) will be the album of 2017. I have a soft spot for Taylor and hate way the internet, media and industry treats her. I feel that I was the underdog when I grew up and hated the way I was treated for just being different, so I have a deep love for Taylor for sticking up her middle fingers to all the haters!! Plus all the references in the video are nothing short of ART- truly ICONIC.

Listen here

My Favourite Look

I feel like this month was the first where I could really extend my rebrand to everything. I have loved working in a fresh way so have loved everything much more. It has to be a tie between Body Beautiful and My post on Instagram. Click either picture to revisit those posts.

So that is everything that I have loved this month, I hope you have all have had a great month. August always has fond memories for me, and I have had a great month. As we move into the final third of the year I am excited to start my third year of university and for Autumn !!!

I will see you all on Friday - have a great week 🚀


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