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Ben Tries : Birthday Party Edition

Hi, hello and howdy. Welcome to a special edition of Ben Tries, as you may know, last week my website turned one, and this week I turn 23. So to celebrate both monumental events, I decided to throw a party !! By incorporating this with Ben Tries, today's post allows you to join my party if you try some of my selection. So grab a party hat and lay down your blankets, it's party time.


It seems appropriate to start with savoury as most parties do, something special I must add here as you may have guessed, is that I have a special guest trying with me- my sister and Norman (although he is not eating anything).

Cocktail Sausages

Ben: Nice- it’s a sausage- bit boring, maybe a sauce would help?

Rachel: Herby & Flavourful. Much tastier than I expected honestly.

Pretzel Sticks

Ben: I love how these seem sweet, they are lovely crisp alternatives.

Rachel: Nice, but if something says salted then I want it to be salty.

Mini Sausage Rolls (Warmed)

Ben: Really really tasty, all that you expect in a mini sausage roll.

Rachel: Pleasant but bland.

Cheese Tasters

Ben: Fun fact I hate cheese, but like fake cheese, so these are great.

Rachel: These are SO good.


A party wouldn't be a party without some refreshing beverages, as a non-drinker these are both soft, but you could easily use them as a mixer for white wine or Prosecco ...

Rose and Lemon Presse

Ben: SO BITTER. So I am obviously a sweet fan, but this was just horrific. Also rose is not a flavour that I think should be edible, it's soapy- just strange.

Rachel: Not sweet which is a big plus for me, because I hate things that are too sweet. It reminds me of Turkish delight.

Mango Iced Tea

Ben: I like the sweet mango flavour, which disappears to nothing so it is refreshing.

Rachel: It’s lovely and fresh, delicious sweet slight tea ending.


Now onto my favourite section, essentially the cake section !! For good value I shopped a selection box that provided most of this category. At £2.50 this was very inexpensive.

Apple Pie

Ben: Nice sweet pastry and tangy apples, a classic combination.

Rachel: Tart apple was very nice, not too much pastry, very good.

Blackcurrant Sundae

Ben: I like the mix of textures, but the blackcurrant was too tangy for me

Rachel: This really didn’t do it for me

Cherry Bakewell

Ben: I enjoyed this, I liked the mix of icing, marzipan and pastry.

Rachel: Well balanced, cherry was a much-appreciated addition.

(Rachel also had my cherry because any form of cherry is horrible)

Mini Collin The Caterpillar


Rachel: Far too chocolatey for me.

So there you have it 3 sections of party food tried, as always when I write about food I have turned to trusty Marks and Spencer who never fail to provide the most delectable treats for all occasions. My favourite thing was Mini Collin The Caterpillar, and Rachel liked the Cheese Tasters the best.

I must add that as much as he wanted to try with us, Norman was not allowed any of the party food, but instead he had apple quarters with peanut butter, and judging by the amount left, he really enjoyed them !!!

Thank you so much for stopping by my Birthday Party, I hope you enjoyed the post and perhaps got some inspiration for a party or picnic you may be throwing or attending this summer.

Bye from us for now, I will see you on Friday (my Birthday!!) as normal, have a great week everyone.


Photography by Myself and Rachel Pechey,

Kind assistance from Norman in the form of begging, barking and whining very much appreciated. You looked marvellous in your hat...

Shop the Party:

Hats: Amazon

Quilt: old, M&S

All food and drink: Marks and Spencer


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