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Ben Tries: Cleansers

Welcome to November’s edition of Ben Tries, and today it is the turn of Cleansers. I don’t know about you but when it comes to skincare I have always bought what was on offer in Boots and promised some form of result. However, since my Roaccutane treatment, I have been much more vigilant about what goes on my skin and the effect it has. One part of my skincare routine that has always been important is cleansing. There are SO many on the market, how on earth are you supposed to pick one.

So in order to arrive at the 5 we see before us today I did some extensive research and came up with three more pricey cult products that the industry loves. I have tested them along side my go to Micellar Water. I also threw in a gel cleanser version as a lot of people might like that !! I have tested all these products for at least a week to see the results first hand.

So let's get testing !!

Garner MICELLAR WATER | £4.99 (400ml)

This was with me through out my Roaccutane treatment, it is completely neutral and cleansing leaving your skin balanced and cleansed.

Garner say that their Micellar Cleansing Water “contains micelles which act like magnets, gently lifting away make-up and impurities from the skin, without the need to rub or rinse. The result; Beautifully cleansed and refreshed feeling skin in an instant. The formula is suitable for the face, eye area and lips and has no perfume.”

I would agree with them that it leaves my skin feeling super clean, but maybe I need another product to add in some nourishment.

Get it here

Garnier MICELLAR GEL WASH | £3.99 (200ml)

So I thought that this cleanser could be the bit extra I was looking for in my Micellar water. A clear gel that foams with water. There is some rumbling that foaming products are bad for your skin, I am not going to weigh in on that argument.

Very similar to the first Micellar water, garner states that “Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash, with grape extract, lovingly captures makeup and dirt like a magnet, to remove makeup without leaving the skin feeling dry or tight. Removes make up from the face, eyes and lips. Micellar technology acts like a magnet to remove dirt and makeup. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for sensitive skin.”

This product completely cleansed my skin, to the point it felt really stripped. After using this product my skin was more sensitive, and I even had a little breakout. This was not the nice cleansing product I was hoping for!

Get it here

Pixi GLOW TONIC | £10 (100ml)

Like many of the other products included in my testing, Pixi Glow which is an exfoliating toner which aims to perfect skin tone and texture, which they say will “result in a healthy glow”.

I know nothing of science so I have used their science here “Aloe Vera, ginseng and botanical extracts work together to soothe and treat the skin while 5% glycolic acid accelerates cell renewal”.

Well this could just be me, but I really didn’t like this product, I found it to be so strong (bear in mind my skin is still very sensitive post my Roaccutane treatment) and made my skin very red and tight, and not in a good way! Unlike all the other products I didn’t complete a week because I found it to be too strong. However, I asked my sister to finish the testing process. Her thoughts are ‘it has a pleasant smell, makes my skin feel refreshed and soft, I would say it doesn’t feel harsh, and I enjoy using this product’. So I would say that as with all acids go steady! Also I will add that all Pixi products are cruelty free.

Get it here

Oskia RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL | £29.50 (100ml)

This is one of the products that people RAVE about, so I had seen it for a while. What actually tipped me over the edge was the At Home with Podcast where Anna and Lily interviewed the founder of Oskia, and it made me know I needed this. This is a melting product, that I apply to my face, rubbing in gently until it melts in. I leave it on while I do my teeth. Then I add water to emulsify, then use a muslin cloth to remove the product.

Obviously, at this juncture, I offer the brands science “Vitamin A Palmitate improves the appearance of sun damaged, dry and mature skin to reveal soft, supple texture. Vitamins C & E, known for their restorative properties, help fortify and protect the skin against free radical & environmental damage. Lactobacillus/Cucurbita Pepo Ferment Extract (Fermented Pumpkin Enzymes) deeply cleanses pores and thoroughly removes dull skin cells without irritation for a balanced complexion. MSM, the most bio-available form of the mineral sulphur, known for its detoxifying, collagen boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, helps soothe and calm. Starflower Oil, a powerful source of gamma-linolenic-acid (Omega 6), Vitamin B² & Magnesium lift out impurities and help improve elasticity & firmness while restoring and enhancing the lipid barrier to soften and nourish.”

I seriously enjoyed this product, the scent is glorious (rose and chamomile). I enjoyed the ritual of using this, and it has so far had pleasing results leaving my skin bright and nourished. I use a muslin cloth to make sure that I get all vestiges of the product off my skin. It has been my favourite so far to use. All Oskia products are cruelty free.

Get it here, Get muslin cloths here

Charlotte Tilbury MULTI-MIRACLE GLOW | £45 (100ml)

The first thing that hits me when I use this product is the scent- hyacinth- and it’s not something that I love. However, everything else about this product is wonderful. Working in a similar way to Oskia, this is a cream to oil product.

Now for science “Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil stimulates microcirculation and enhances epidermal renewal for a refreshed, smooth complexion. Nourishing Vitamin A improves skin firmness, energising Vitamin C promotes youthful skin and antioxidant Vitamin E moisturises and fights free radicals for luminous skin. Rosehip and camellia oils regenerate, restructure and hydrate your skin to delay signs of ageing.”

Charlotte Tilbury’s website is seriously addictive, mainly because with every product there is such great instructions, images and for some products instructional videos- which makes everything super easy to use. Seriously, her site has changed my life and if I spend too much time on there I will spend ALL my money. Back to the product, it left my skin soft and felt balanced, and with a natural radiance. This product can also be used as a mask and rescue balm so 10/10 for versatility. All CT products are cruelty free.

Get it here

5 Products tested, in one of the most tested Ben Tries. I have decided based on how nice the product is to use and the benefits I feel after using the product - as well as price points.

In last place we have Garnier Micellar Gel wash, far too harsh on my skin and made it more sensitive. In fourth for a similar reason is the Pixie Glow Tonic. Third place is plain old Micellar water, and I do love it and will continue to use it to cleanse. Second place goes to Charlotte Tilbury and her Multi-Miracle Glow, I really enjoyed using this product, but scent and price point meant that Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel pips it into First place.

Thank you for joining me today for November’s Ben Tries. Next month will obviously have a festive twist !! See you all very soon !!


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