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Ben Tries: Hot Chocolate

As we are well and truly in October I thought that I could try some warming seasonal drinks in the form of Hot Chocolate. Hot chocolate reminds me of being young, mainly because I have very memorably spilt hot chocolate in public, not once but twice (once at Heathrow and at a Cafe on a school trip). When I am not busy spilling said drinks I enjoy a hot chocolate to snuggle up with whilst watching Netflix or as a treat with a nice bath. So as always I have picked 5 to try and I will rank them for your reading pleasure.

Cadburys Drinking Chocolate | £3

This was quite thin, but a decent enough flavour. Perhaps this would be nicer with milk. Plain and simple.( I tried this later with Coconut milk and it is wonderful- so a great option for dairy alternatives)

Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate | £2.60

I love how this is so sweet on its own and thick when just made with water. No complaints from me.

Ovaltine Chocolate | £3

I don’t like plain Ovaltine, so to have it with chocolate makes it much nicer. However, I guess this isn’t actually a hot Chocolate like the others. It has a malty taste, but is nice and sweet and is easy to make.

Hasslacher’s Colombian Drinking Chocolate | £5

Okay so this one needed to be made with milk - I did this in a pan, but you can do it in the microwave. This was so bitter, it looked very dark so I guess it is not supposed to be sweet. I added so much sugar just to make this bearable and it was still really bitter- not the one for me.

Cacao a la Taza | £12

Again this hot chocolate needs to be made with milk. This is a traditional style chocolate that would be served with bread or churros in Spain. This goes really thick and unctuous, but with an odd smell. A slight spice somewhere in it, it tastes like a really rich chocolate sauce. Actually, it tastes like chocolate custard so as a drink not sure how well this works.

So it seems my tastes are more boring and plain when it comes to hot chocolate.

In terms of an order, in last place, it has to be Hasslacher’s Colombian Drinking Chocolate - too bitter. In fourth Cadburys Drinking Chocolate, a bit thin. In third place is Ovaltine Chocolate- my fault this is not really a hot chocolate. Second goes to Cacao a la Taza, rich and unctuous this was odd but lovely. Which means in first place we have Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate a guaranteed crowd pleaser and the cheapest in today's post!!

Thank you for joining me on my Hot Chocolate journey today, hope that it helps inform your next purchase. I will see you on Friday.



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