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Chanel Nail Polish...

Welcome back to Today is a slightly different post, seeing as I have mentioned Chanel nail polish so many times I though I would talk you through the reasons why I choose Chanel over other nail polish brands.

First of all lets talk about the elephant in the room; the price. Yes the price point of this product is steep, especially as Chanel has just put their prices up from £18 too £20. However, in my opinion they do offer good value for money.

I personally love the formula, and in my experience these polishes outlast other brands. It is nice and thin, some polishes can be too thick and don’t paint as well. I think part of the reason they last is because of how well they apply to the nail.

The brushes are also a plus point too. I like the thinness of the brush, because it allows me to create the prefect shape at the cuticle, and carries just the right amount of polish.

The packaging also has a very luxury feel to it. You take the large black cap of to reveal a small round end to the brush. This fits very comfortably in the hand and also aids painting too.

Lastly one of the reasons I choose Chanel over other brands; is their extensive colour range. I also love that they have about 8 shades of red, so that you can find the perfect shade of red for your skin-tone. I picked Pirate which is my most recent purchase, I am excited to use this one.

So there you have it, thats why I buy Chanel Nail Polishes. I hope that helped you if you are unsure whether to invest in Chanel nail polish. I will see you all on Friday with my March Favourites…


Shop the full range here

Shades shown:

Bright Red: 08- Pirate

Deep Red: 18- Rouge Noir

Deep Purple: 514- Roubachka

Bright Orange: 534- Espadrilles

Deep Green: 536- Émeraude

Bright Blue: 665- Vibrato


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