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Feed Your Inspiration

Creation, and its subsequent life in the world, is a large part of what I do on a daily basis. Yet it doesn’t come from nowhere, it needs to be fed in order to carry on creating. Think of creativity like a sourdough starter - it needs to be fed, maintained, and kept in optimum conditions.

To think of creativity and creation in a vacuum is to think that cooked food just materialises in the oven - although I am sure many of us wished it did - creativity needs to be given a stimulus. So what and how do you do this?

I like to write in blocks, sometimes writing a month or two worth of content over the space of an afternoon. A recent session started with a blank sheet of paper, procrastination, and an empty head. So I took myself to a separate headspace - giving permission for my mind to wonder.

I still like to read physical magazines and have had a subscription to Vogue for at least a decade. However, they can pile up as I struggle to sit still long enough to read them. So to reinvigorate my inspiration I sat and read the July, August, and September issues. Turning the pages, and allowing my mind to think freely.

An hour later, a page full of thoughts, and I had a plan for a couple of months' content. It didn’t mean the content was written in five minutes - in fact, I spent hours crafting words - but it gave me the framework on which to hang my thoughts, feelings, and things I wanted to share with you.

The framework, interestingly, is how I always create. Whether it is social media posts, a public speaking job, or a book. This is a process I come back to when I need to plan and push my thoughts around my soup-like brain.

It all starts with feeding my inspiration, whether by reading like today's example or watching documentaries, museum visits, a dream I had and immediately wrote down, or a TikTok I saw when I was supposed to be working. Inspiration needs to be fed - so make sure yours is getting what it needs!


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