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Fresh Starts

It’s September! The beginning of the last third of the year. Coincidentally, it is my favourite time of year. September ushers in a freshness that I find invigorating. Not in a back-to-school kind of way - because that was a time of year I feared the most - but more of a breath of fresh air into my life, schedule and calendar.

September - for me at least - has a resounding freshness. We still have some nice weather - arguably the best of summer is September. Yet, we also have the cosiness of autumn to look forward to. Snuggling up with a good book just like Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally.

There is more freshness as we enter autumn/winter fashion - even though current predictions and global warming suggest we might be welcoming an extra long summer this year. The fact that I am closer to being able to add a coat to any outfit simply fills me with joy.

This emotional feeling - and it is only emotional, as it is undeniably intangible - fills me with a renewed energy that does seem to help things in my life. It is no coincidence that I am writing this ahead of time, the Monday after Renaissance day - as Alien Superstar literally pounds around my head I am excited by the fresh start that September offers.

But what to do with that energy?

Well as an eternal planner, I find this time of year the perfect place to channel yourself into a new project - big or small. I talk a lot about permission around the new year, and how it sometimes feels like we need a big timeline event to shift things in our lives. Why not let the fresh season be the catalyst?

It feels like a great sign to do the thing you have wanted to do, yet somehow decided it was the wrong time. Whether that is looking to go back to education, getting a new job, overhauling your style, or booking a well-deserved holiday.

Whatever planning for you and your future looks like, use the fresh start of September to be your springboard. So here’s to September, and all it may offer us, here’s to fresh starts darling!

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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