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Girls on Film #4

Welcome to November’s edition of Girls on Film with my beautiful and talented friend Stine, a Scandinavian beauty, Stine hales from Norway. We talk about careers, fashion, international travel and finding Sugar daddies. Enjoy the ride kids, this is a good one ...

BP: Hi Stine welcome to Girls on Film, are you excited to be here?

SFK: Yes I am very excited

BP: It would great for you to introduce yourself, obviously, I know and love you, but I would love for my readers to get to know you

SFK: Well, I’m a Norwegian little white bitch *laughter* trying to make it in the big city ...No, I’m just trying to get rich so that I can live my life how I want to

BP: Without having to resort to one of those sugar daddy websites

SFK: Yes!! No one wants those,

BP: Sometimes seriously though, you think 'this could be worth it'

SFK: Yeah, I mean if I find one [a sugar daddy] naturally I’m not going to say no, but I’m not trying to find that. I mean I feel like Rachel [from Friends] is that a bad thing to say?

BP: I’ve never seen friends...

SFK: What!!! How?

BP: I know I know, people hate it!!

SFK: Oh well let me explain, Rachel is from this rich family, supposed to marry a rich guy, she says no and lives her life how she wants, her way. Goes into the big city, gets poor works as a waitress and then she gradually works her way up a career in the fashion industry, gets a big job a Ralph Lauren, she gets offered a job at Louis Vuitton in Paris

BP: Wow

SFK: I love her

BP: So you are waiting for that to happen

SFK: Yes, I’m waiting for this to happen to me

BP: Obviously you touched on trying to make it happen, you are student right now (doing the same course as me) Fashion Promotion and Imaging, what do you enjoy about it and what do you not enjoy about it

SFK: Ummm, *looking at phone* Oh I just got a text letting me know my order is here!!

BP: What did you order

SFK: CLOTHES!! I like that my interest is what I do, that’s what I like

BP: What do you not like?

SFK: I feel like uni is just a lot of unnecessary work so it’s like this project would be done by now

BP: We wouldn’t have to spend weeks and weeks

SFK: Yeah, and I wouldn’t have to write 10 pages about Asos in my sketchbook, and spend a day having to do that. You could just say it and people would be like that’s okay.

BP: It’s in reality, once we have finished the degree we will be in a position to tell other people what we think and this is what we know and they will understand. Until we finish we have to work like this, it’s long and it is incredibly tedious but it is what it is

SFK: Now I feel like I am waiting, now we’re the third year

BP: You can smell the end

SFK: Yeah you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just want to graduate

BP: I have that feeling as well

SFK: Yeah I just want to get on with it

BP: You are interning at the same time, what and where is that?

SFK: It’s at DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, I can write that down for you!

BP: Thank you, I will need that

SFK: It’s a Scandinavian fashion brand

BP: Are they based London?

SFK: No they are based in Copenhagen, but have a showroom in London it’s in Bond Street


SFK: Yeah, it’s really nice, I just do showroom responsibilities so I take out the collections, take them down, steam garments

BP: Do you assist people when they come in for pulls and pickups?

SFK: No, not yet. It’s a brand new season

BP: It is press season right now for SS18

SFK: Yeah, so now it’s High Summer and Pre-fall soon. I do other small things that they need help with. The other day I spent hours trying to adjust the look-book because they had cut some of the pieces from the collection so they can’t send those pieces in the look-book So I was stuck cutting them out, putting style numbers in.

BP: A lot of work

SFK: Yeah it’s really fun, it’s great to have on my CV because it means a lot back home

BP: Talking about back home, what do you think are the differences between Norwegian culture and British culture?

SFK: In general, or fashion

BP: Either, I think that you can be with someone and you can tell that they have had a different upbringing, with you I feel like we are really similar but then sometimes I’m like WOAH culture and it’s different, in a good way of course. So what do you think is the difference, apart from it snowing for 6 months of the year. Which I am obsessed with

SFK: Hah hah, I love the snow. I think the biggest difference is, I think it’s a lot of things. In Norway we have a lot of things -this is going to sound really bad - but we have higher standards in water, food, housing

BP: Yeah your standard of living is incredible, but it costs more right?

SFK: Yes but we get paid more, which is why my money goes further in the U.K. because I earn to live in Norway if I live in the U.K. which is a lot cheaper.

BP: London is the cheapest place for luxury in the world at the moment

SFK: So I mean that’s why back home we appreciate that and service and stuff you really notice it. Going into a store it’s quick and easy, everyone says hi, everyone is nice. If you meet someone who is having a shit day you will notice it, but it’s so rare. Here when I am in stores the staff barely look at me which is really weird but...

BP: So you couldn’t live here forever the goal is to go back to Norway

SFK: Yeah, it is right now, I just need a couple of years to start my career, have my friends and family close

BP: That makes a big difference

SFK: Yeah, I’m open to coming back here, but actually in London, I would like to work in New York or Paris, but I would need a couple of years back in Norway to recharge. Earn some money

BP: I love the fact that you are also an air hostess, which is SO chic

SFK: Yes!!

BP: Do you love it ??

SFK: I love my job and I hate my job, since I’m part time I can work as much as I want to, I am able to go up to full time if I want too. So when I work part-time because it’s rare. However, over summer I worked full time for 5/6months and I was exhausted. I hated it.

BP: it’s good in one sense because it reinvigorates what you do love

SFK: So when I interned in April and May I flew every other weekend and I loved it.

BP: Was it like a break

SFK: Yeah because it was a fashion position in the week, and then flying every other weekend. It was such a good break. I do love flying but it’s not what I want to for the rest of my life but I want to hang onto it for now. If I get a job after uni I would like to keep my other job too.

BP: Recently you have started blogging, what’s it called

BP: What made you start this because blogging is a big deal in Norway right now

SFK: Yeah

BP: Bigger than the U.K., taken more seriously, and it is done better

SFK: Yeah it’s more like, there are a lot of Pink Bloggers, so it’s like the girls that have the lash and hair extensions and lip fillers just blogging about their lives and their nails. It’s less like that now but it was a big deal when it started. I personally love the ones that feel editorial, articles, but it’s really great pictures about I don’t know umm, 'my laundry conditioner, it smells like coconut, buy it’. Just because of the pictures and how it has been put together it looks amazing, that’s what I want to do. I wanted to start blogging when I moved here, but I couldn’t, I kept saying things like my hair isn’t long enough, my place isn’t good enough and my clothes are good enough to take pictures of.

BP: There are always excuses to stop you, I put it off for ages

SFK: It’s my last year and I’m just doing it. I don’t want to live as a blogger because in Norway you can make a living.

BP: I might move to Norway

SFK: You should, no you can earn so much from being a blogger

BP: It’s good that you can appreciate it, and also realise that you are worth so much more than that, you are callable of more

SFK: I just want to use it initially to show myself in other ways than a CV

BP: It also shows commitment, when you have so much else going on. It looks good, and I love your blog

SFK: Thank you!!

BP: That is coming from another blogger but

SFK: If I do get offers and money, I won’t say no!!

BP: Why would you!! That first paid partnership is special

SFK: But that’s not why I do it

BP: Same, but when it happens it’s great. So obviously you are a blogger who is into beauty, your face is beautiful


BP: BEAT ahahah. What would you say your beauty essentials are

SFK: Well in the morning I do my skincare which is very important, use my cleanser, I used to use a toner, serum and moisturiser but I think I’ve always had oily skin because it’s not getting enough moisture, so I have switched to a different moisturiser and just using the cleaner and moisturiser. I always do my makeup full on because if I do it ‘natural’ it wears off.

BP: Is that because of the oil ??

SFK: Yes and because I touch my face a lot and I touch my hair so it wears off. If I don’t do it properly I’m going to regret it.

BP: So you do full coverage

SFK: I always do full coverage

BP: Contour?

SFK: I don’t contour, I do it with my bronzer kind of

BP: You look sculpted yet natural

SFK: Thanks, throughout the day I use a hydrating mist and a powder and my lip balm and some lip gloss if need it. Oh and if you use tissue or toilet paper and you pull the two layers apart

BP: Yes...

SFK: It works perfectly as blotting paper

BP: cheap blotting paper

SFK: I never buy it

BP: I think that’s what millennials would call a hack

SFK: Yeah it’s a beauty hack, I can’t be bothered to pay for it when I can have it for free

BP: Yeah !! Why would you!!

SFK: I always do that, spray my face with mist and then powder.

BP: Incredible, so what three things are you loving, what new in beauty bits are you loving right now??

SFK: I got a new primer from Stilla, and it’s like swirls of all different correcting colours, green, yellow, purple, red and you squeeze it out and it all comes together and it evens everything out and is amazing. I love it. Then what else,

BP: Trophy wife [Fenty Beauty Highlighter]

SFK: I do! I don’t wear it all the time because it’s insane

BP: Was that hard to get, did you have to queue

SFK: Harvey Nichols. We went three times in 2 weeks

BP: Fenty has blown up, maybe by the time this is published it may have calmed a little, but right now in mid-October it’s still crazy

SFK: Yeah, the first 2 times we were there we asked the girls at the start of the queue how long they had benne there and they said an hour. So we left, went on a Sunday and there was no queue.

BP: Is that what you really wanted?

SFK: Well, I wasn't supposed to get anything

BP: Oh whoops

SFK: Well I wanted trophy wife, I almost bought a foundation but I bought another one instead. Oh, and I have got this lip balm which is really nice it’s like nipple balm which is really good for your lips. It plumps lips and it is amazing.

BP: So now let’s move onto some quick fire questions

SFK: Okay

BP: Leather or Lace

SFK: Leather

BP: Smart or Casual

SFK: Casual

BP: Trainers or Heels

SFK: that’s hard

BP: You can give caveats, So trainers for this heels for that

SFK: I’d prefer heels, but I can’t be bothered, I wish I could wear heels every day but I can’t

BP: High end or low end

SFK: I would have to pick high end

BP: Talk us through today’s outfit, the jumper is a personal fave of mine

SFK: It’s my Acne Studios jumper, I have wanted it for over a year, I have a friend who always buys these every fall. I always wanted one and I just decided to get it

BP: It looks so nice, it’s quite rich but it’s also pale so nice

SFK: Warm camel

BP: and your jeans

SFK: Monki

BP: That’s the thing you don’t have to spend as much money on other bits because the jumper lifts everything

SFK: Yeah, they are mom jeans, High waisted I love them. I look like I was born in the 90’s

BP: You were!!!!!

SFK: Hahaha I didn’t mean that more like stuck in the 90’s

BP: How would you describe your style, you always look great

SFK: Right now I’m into basics, I’m craving this pair of leather jeans from Gestuz they are £250

BP: They would be a great investment. What else is on your wish list?

SFK: Yes! Umm a coat, I need a wool camel coat. They have one at Day, but it’s not in store until February.

BP: How much


BP: Again a good investment piece, it will last forever

SFK: It’s perfect, light cool camel it's really paler than I thought I’d love, but it’s perfect

BP: I love Maxmara coats, they do the perfect coats, cut well they have great camel coats

SFK: Not as many people are doing camel this year, it’s much more last year

BP: It’s a classic coat, 4/5 seasons ago people were going mad for pink coats and it died down but now pink is everywhere

SFK: Oh and red

BP: Everything Red


BP: It’s everywhere, Balenciaga and Fendi.

SFK: So true


BP:Well thank you for joing me on Girls on Film Stine !!

SFK: Thank you, it was l pleasure to be here on this green couch.

BP: I’ll link everything about you so that everyone can find out about you and thank you so much

SFK: Thank you !!


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