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Head to Toe Black

Darling, hello and welcome to the second Friday of February 2018. Today I am bringing you the latest instalment of my Sartorial Inspirations, and I am talking colour, or rather the lack of it.

I used to think that in order to show my character and personality my clothes needed to be a direct representation of this. Wearing colourful ensembles was my way of telling the world that I was fun and creative. However, I was recently rewatching Anna Wintour’s episode of 73 questions, where she was asked what she would never wear. She answered Head to toe black. So I decided to take this on as my challenge, and sartorial inspiration.

However, to wear an outfit entirely made up of black elements would have terrified me up until quite recently, because it hides who I am. However, if blogging about fashion and my own style identity has taught me anything, it is not the outfit that makes the person, but the person that makes the outfit.

A key example of this is the incredible icon that is Tracee Ellis Ross, who wears incredible outfits and looks divine. If you were to put those looks on another person I don’t know if they would be that show-stopping. Ross brings the power to the looks, she is what makes them so amazing. So I decided to give it a go.

The first thing I felt was smart, but I guess that’s because I pulled a blazer and smart trousers over jeans and a jumper. I normally dress quite casually so this was a nice change for me. I really wouldn’t mind wearing this outfit, but head to toe black is quite intense and may have been better with a different colour under the jacket to break it up a bit.

So I wore head to toe black. How did it make me feel? Well I still felt like me, and it looks great, so maybe I’ll consider it again, who knows !! The important thing is not to be scared of trying new things, it may be great and could really develop your style!! Thank you so much for joining me today, I will see you all next week as always.

Shot by Pavlina Slavova

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Jacket: ASOS, Similar

Roll Neck: ASOS

Trousers: River Island, Similar

Shoes: Gucci, Similar

Sunglasses: Gucci

Earrings: M&S, Similar


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