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I Refuse to Believe This 

I refuse to believe that no one cares anymore. 

Yet this is what we hear.

The world has gone woke. People just don’t care about anything. We’re switched off from caring about humans. 

I am adamant this is only a select few. I agree it is overwhelming right now - there is so much to care about; 


The climate crisis 

Trans rights 


The government being fascists

Posie Parker 

Sharon Davies 

The decline of the economy  

Human rights 

I could go on… 

As I said, there is a lot to care about. But I believe we do care. To be woke is seen as a bad thing, but to be woke is to care. 

Since when has caring been a bad thing? 

For as long as I have the effort to do so, I’ll always care, and do what I can for the causes I truly can influence. I hope we all do the same.

So tell me, what do you care about ??


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