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January Favourites

January is one of those months that has a lot of pressure placed upon it, and I feel like that myself. I submitted my dissertation last Friday so January has been a BUSY one !! However, today I want to share the things that I have loved this month…

The Crown

I have used this as my distraction this month when I need an hour to switch off The Crown has been my go too. Fun fact I am OBSESSED with anything Related to the Royal Family, so this has been so good for me. Also Princess Margaret gives serious looks the whole way through.

Watch it here

Gabrielle Chanel

I have been obsessed with this scent all month long. Normally I am very good at describing scents, but this is hard to pinpoint. When I first spray it I get the faintest whiff of colouring pencils -crazy I know- and then it settles into a warm clean scent with a classic Chanel heart. I adore this fragrance.

Get it here

Paloma Faith- The Architect

I have played this non-stop, so many good songs, I am addicted.

Listen here

Tiny Neck Scarf

I bought a tiny neck scarf or TNS. I adore it, I feel so chic and Parisian. I have bought many more, and I cannot stop wearing them.

Get Similar here

Statement Earrings

I went through a manic phase of collecting HUGE earrings when I was about 16 and then stopped, this past month I found myself being drawn to them again. I am a fan of paying attention to my instincts so I have succumbed to the lure and snapped up plenty of pairs.

All out of Stock, SO SORRY!! However, I love to shop in Monki, ASOS, Mango and Topshop for great pairs

Fiji Water

This was the clear winner in my January Ben Tries. I also have had a few days where I have needed to use water to replace the sleep I didn’t get whilst writing my dissertation and Fiji is my go to.

Get it here


Fun fact, I have never seen Friends, until 2018 that is. New Year's day which probably bought many people hangovers, brought me joy as Netflix added Friends. January has been filled with laughter as I have been seriously addicted to Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica. I do not have to recommend this because seemingly I was the only person who hadn't seen it. THANK YOU NETFLIX. ​

Watch it here

Favourite Looks

I love all the looks that I have brought you this month. Click the images to re-live each post...

So that is everything I have loved in the first month of 2018. I am looking forward to February, LFW is happening and I will be there- so exciting, and February is the first month since May where I will not have to think about my dissertation SO RELAXING !! See you on Friday for a FUN outfit!!


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