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Mental Health Boosters

Oh hello darling, welcome back to adaptation month, in today’s post I thought I would share some of the things that have helped me get through the last crazy few weeks and months. I hope that it might spark something in you if you were looking for some ideas to fill the void of time the pandemic has given us.

You will have seen in mid-April, I showed you my efforts with a paintbrush. Whilst I have a long way to go before I fulfil one of my ultimate goals and bring Changing Rooms back to British TV, I think Kelly Hoppen has competition.

Planning and executing a project brings a timeline to your life, and having a list of things to do helps the natural passing of time. If you feel like making some changes to the space you live in, even if this is just a rearranging of your furniture, I urge you to go for it.

In normal circumstances, I am an organised person, but there are things that even I don’t get time for. One such thing is the maintenance and management of my files. I have dived deep into backup mode, and as a result have emptied my SD cards, and organised nearly 4 years of blog content. This has been a positive impact of all this spare time.

In the other spare time, I have lost days to social media like hours for no reason. It has not all been a loss, because it has allowed me to redefine my outputs. Streamlining my Instagram posts to just three a week, and archiving content I don't need on my feed has been joyful. I feel that maybe I have finally found the right balance, and am really happy with it.

Jigsaw puzzles have been an off the grid way to fill my time, and we’ve completed more than ever before. I like that they are a collaborative effort, requiring more than one set of eyes. Many an afternoon has been passed with a jigsaw puzzle.

The fact that many online retail sites have sold out of jigsaw puzzles only goes to show how many people have turned to puzzles. I am not cool enough to have done puzzles before all of this, but I think it might be something helpful to come back too after this madness is all over.

Time has been both a gift and a burden recently, and we all know how the days have merged into one. I have enjoyed the fact that I don’t have to rush anything. Makeup has played a part in accessing who I am for a while, but with a busy schedule sometimes had to be rushed. Now I can take all the time I want too, and kill time just getting ready to film content and video calls. My only worry is that after this is all over, will I ever be able to get ready on time ever again?

Sometimes I feel that normal life is a battle of schedules and wills, and something always looses out. Now we have the time, it is important to remember what made us feel comfortable, what brought us joy, and what made us feel like ourselves.

I know we all crave the pace of normal life, but once that returns it won’t be long before it all gets too much again. Having a small backup of things that helped us through this pandemic, will be so useful to combat the stress and burdens of day to day craziness.

So you see there can be a positive impact of all of this, you just need to know where to look! Thank you as always for joining me my darlings, Adaptation Month will continue next week.

Shot By Rachel Pechey


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