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Don’t attack my lack of seasoning

Oh hello darling and welcome back to the final post of New Season month. We are at the end of April, the one glorious thing about being alive is that no matter what happens, time always passes, and we get the gift of a new day every day! Let’s dive into today's post!

When it comes to food, I am fussy I would go as far as to say woefully fussy, this is a plain fact that I am happily sharing with you. One thing that I find causes people to lose their mind over and over again, is my inability to eat spicy food.

When I say spicy, I mean that I NEVER PUT BLACK PEPPER ON FOOD, sweet chili brings me out in a sweat, and I have never eaten curry in my life. This white bread meme below IS ME.

By now you are probably wondering why this conversation has any place in new season month, well bear with me because things are about to get tenuous. I eat food that many would declare horrifically under seasoned, April is new SEASON month, and thus we have a SEASON link.

See what I did there?

I know you are impressed!! So today I want to talk to you about the importance of individual taste.

I have always thought that the small things in life are the most impactful, as they say, it’s the straw that broke the camel's back. Yes the massive injustices in the world sting, but it’s the build-up of microaggressions that end up pissing us off.

When it comes to my food tastes it can quite often be incredibly annoying that my taste is an open target for ridicule. I can joke about it, but in reality, we live in a world full of billions of people, why should all our tastes, opinions or outlooks be the same?

This may seem trivial, but what if you replaced food tastes with gender identity or body size. Suddenly this doesn’t seem like a laughing matter anymore, does it? I guess what I am saying is that it’s hard to keep strong and positive about the way you feel towards yourself when small micro-aggressions can weigh you down.

I have often longed for a life where differences are acknowledged but accepted. This is because when your differences are reported to you daily, you feel the burden of them pressing down on you. This is even more necessary in the uncertain times we are currently living in.

The small things are the things that get on our nerves. Living in restricted circumstances can feel like living under a bell jar. That feeling of entrapment can make our already overwrought emotions stretch to breaking point and snapping at micro-aggressions becomes far easier.

So I urge you to refrain from commenting on others' differences, tastes or opinions. Especially not in a manner that will cause conflict. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, or a what my idea of a utopia would look like, but it would be so wonderful if we could co-exist in a way that things would be just that little bit easier!

Thank you so much for joining me today, I hope as always that these posts will help you! I will see you in May, same time, same place darling!

Images shot by Rachel Pechey

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