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My New Obsession

Hello dear reader and welcome to this blog post, today I want to talk to you about my new obsession. It is not often that a systemic shift occurs in the way that I dress, but it has happened.

I have a new obsession, and you may have already clocked it. Yes, it is neckerchiefs, or tiny neck scarfs if you will. It all started with an M&S sale purchase (as so many good things do) I really debated the £4.25 purchase, but I decided to get it on a whim. The moment I tied it around my neck I knew it was a thing, and that thing is my thing. That is how an obsession occurs, a month and a half on and I have managed to acrew a few more scarves (for a few read LOTS, I promice I am repsosible Mum) and I cannot get enugh of them.

How have I only just found that this is a good thing? I am quite often late to the party, but once I get there I really make up for it. They make any outfit so much better, I prefer a double knot, which adds a little flourish to many a look. Also, my neck is no longer cold, major bonus. One way this obsession has benefited my life is that a small scarf added at the end of an outfit makes you look so put together which sometimes hides the fact that I am a crumbling mess!!

In the last 2 months, I have experimented with accessories, and it really is a cheap and effective way to update your look. I love the added detail that these brooches add to this look as well (they were also purchased in the sale, the large star was swapped in because it was so much nicer than the star in the set that the others came in) simple little things like the brooches or a scarf can really lift a look that is quite simple and make it special.

Thank you so much for joining me today darling, have a great weekend, and I will see you on Tuesday with February’s edition of Ben Tries.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

Jumper: Zara Sale, Similar

Scarf: Zara Sale, Similar

Jeans: DIY

Trainers: Zara Sale, Similar

Earrings: ASOS

Moon and Small Star Brooch: M&S, Similar

Large Star Brooch: Monki

Sunglasses: Gucci


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