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My Ring Collection

Hello my darling, and welcome to a Tuesday on Today I want to talk about one of the things that I get asked about most often; my rings. It’s a strange thing but I never woke up one day and decided that I would wear so many rings, it just happened over time. Now I have a ring on all of my fingers and thumbs, oh and I never take them off- this always baffles people. Yes, I really do sleep in all these rings, I cannot feel them!! So today I thought I would talk you through my collection..,

Carnelian Signet Ring

This baby was a gift for my 18th birthday and is probably one of the more important rings on my hands. Carnelian is also a zodiac stone for Leo- which is very fitting.

1970-80’s Belt Ring

I love the detail in this belt buckle ring, the holes are detailed in diamond which is so lovely. I shop on eBay for vintage treasures like this.

Rectangle Emerald Ring

This was a very generous gift this Christmas, it is simply stunning. I could spend hours staring at this masterpiece. I’m wearing it with a silver band and a gold band because when my hands get cold it slips, so they help hold it in place.

Cabochon Garnet Ring

I bought this ring myself as a celebratory gift for getting into university. Cabochon refers to the fact that the stone has been polished instead of cut and faceted.

Plain silver Band

This is a simple ring but is lovely as it is a unique rounded band.

Gold Court Ring

This ring is so comfy, I cannot feel this one at all.

Chrysoprase Intaglio Ring

Chrysoprase is a lovely green stone. Intaglio means a relief that has been carved into a stone, this has a little woman’s face, I’ve called her Dorian after Dorian Green in Birds of a Feather!! This was a birthday gift and is a very treasured ring.

Silver Russian Wedding Ring

This traditional Russian wedding ring style ring is three rings connected into one. This ring is so comfy and unusual, I love this ring.

1980’s Garnet and Diamond Ring

This was a vintage gem that I found in York 3 years ago. It didn’t have to be resized when I tried it on, which I took to be a sign so I snapped it up.

Rose Gold Cameo Ring

This was a very generous gift this Christmas from my Sister. Hallmarked for 1970 this rose gold ring is very beautiful and quite unique. Fun fact we found this gem on eBay.

So there you go, my ring collection. I love rings and will probably continue to let my collection grow, I could just use a few more fingers!! I hope that you enjoyed this post, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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