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Remix Month: Be the Change that you Wish to see in the World

Welcome to Remix Month, where all this October I will be bringing you 5 posts from my archive that still resonate with me, and hopefully resonate with you too! We are kicking things off by heading back to the 18th of January 2019, to talk about Change…

I hate change, nothing frightens me more than change. However, I KNOW change is GOOD for me. So I embrace it and use fear as a power source. Personal growth is fed by change, we all know this. I feel like heading into late 2020 I am taking what I have learnt so far this year and am developing who I want to be, and using my voice to help others.

Yet with so much we interact with, and the media that surrounds us, there is no change. Take films, for example, the most recent new releases from Disney have all been remakes or live-action versions. Where are the new ideas? Where has originality gone? ​

TV is another area where I feel each year we are presented with the same things over and again. Take last year's Apprentice, it was one of the worst seasons we have ever had to sit through, and nothing new happened. The tasks were all the same, the people were just as unbearable and the final was EXACTLY the same.

The way we are marketed to has been revolutionised in the last 10 years, with social media stars and bloggers being taken seriously. Now we have sponsored posts, collaborations, swipe ups, affiliate links and so much more. Yet has this changed in the last 2 or 3 years? I haven’t seen anything vaguely revolutionary that even goes some way to try and hide that Instagram has turned into a massive shopfront.

People have stopped Blogging because apparently, no one reads anymore, so people have all jumped on the Podcast bandwagon. Now I can’t criticise this too heavily, as I have more than one podcast under my belt. However, I am not seeing many revolutionary ideas shaking up the Podcast landscape.

It feels that we are slumping, our lives have stagnated- I’m seriously bored. However, I am so surprised that this is the case, with the world filled with so many creative people. Surely we should be overrun by new ideas, new concepts, and things we have never seen before.

Maybe I am being too sceptical, but I honestly don’t think I am. What is keeping us in this slumped status quo? Could it be Brexit and all the uncertainty surrounding our political future? Could it be that creatives who are successful are monopolising the spaces we interact with? Possibly, or maybe because the change we seek is bigger, and no one person is capable.

Whatever it is, I am sure of one thing. One person cannot make a difference alone. However, if we all seek change, and try in our own ways to create and cause change, we will see a difference. This goes beyond lesser things like TV and Instagram and will hopefully cause a change in the things that really matter - social change. Use your voice, your platform, your presence to show that we want change in society.

In short, be the change you wish to see in the world...

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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