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September Favourites

Welcome to this months list of things that have rocked my socks in the month of September.

Actimel and Multivitamins

One of the most fundamental parts of being a human is being healthy, and who wouldn’t want to be healthy. I wanted to start building up my immune system by taking a multivitamin. I added in Actimel to increase my gut health. I am not too sure if overall it is helping but it feels good to be doing something positive for my health.

Get Actimel here

Get Multivitamins here

Haagan Daas Single Pots

I love an ice cream, and I love things in miniature. So put them together and I am in HEAVEN. They even have a tiny plastic scoop that gives theatre interval realness.

Get the Ice Cream here

Get the Sorbet here

Jonathan Creek

This childhood favourite came back into my life in a big way this month and I have to admit that I have burnt my way through ALL OF IT. I am not ashamed, I had a whale of time honey.

Watch it here

Chanel Rouge Noir

This has been on my nails CONSTANTLY this month and I have loved it so much. You will have seen this polish in all of my outfit posts this month including the one going live on Friday.

Get it here

My NEW Glasses

As you may have seen in this Month’s Ben Tries, that I have bought new glasses. I am absolutely smitten with them. I may appear crazy but something that you put on your face every day is a big commitment, and having done so much research and putting so much time into finding the right pair I am beyond happy with my choice !!

Shop My Matilda frames here


here first. listen here.Last week I headed up north, London that is! I went to Jules and Sarah Live, which is a podcast that I have adored for SO long, I talked about it This was quite possibly on of the best nights I have ever had so warm hilarious and delightful, I think the actual live Podcast goes up this Friday,

My Favourite Look​

This month I feel I have served some phenomenal looks that I am genuinely proud of, so in honour of my self assurance of greatness - we shall relive them ALL!!

So there you have it, another month over (well nearly) I am so ready for October- AUTUMN HERE I COME! See you all on Friday, until then ciao.


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