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Style Dualities

Oh hello darling and welcome back to the fourth and final post of fashion month on, today I am continuing the fashion content, and bringing you some style advice. So far this month I have brought you super bold looks, that have complimented the content I have shared with you. Today’s look is slightly different from the bold colourful looks of the past weeks.

People forget we can have more than one ‘look’. Today’s look is another side of my style, that I don’t always share here, but is a way I like to dress. It doesn’t take anything away from my other looks, and it’s not the case that one is better than the other.

We don’t often talk about how many of us have style dualities, but it is part of who we are. Even on days where we don’t leave the house, the leisurewear we plump for says something of our style choices too. We are not one-trick ponies, and we all have more than one side to us. For many queer people, we are only appreciated when we are wearing looks that are considered to be ‘out there’. It can be quite easy to feel like we’re being laughed at, and not with.

I know when people think of my style, it’s always bold and colourful, which is a big part of what I love. I talked about the power of causing a fuss with my style back in August, but there are some days where this isn’t possible. This is for a couple of reasons, primarily some situations call for a more sober look, I can’t imagine you could turn up to jury duty in a bold printed dress and heels, but I would still want to dress for myself, so this classic look is one I would turn to with joy.

Secondly, there are days when the idea of bringing attention to myself is very draining, and I am just not in the mood to be a beacon on the high-street. A look like this monochromatic beauty is the answer to a day when I just want to be left alone.

This classic understated look is a pleasure and a joy because of its simplicity. A good white shirt will always work hard for you, so is a welcome addition to all wardrobes. Pairing this oversized sartorial staple with classic faux leather trousers brings a harder elegance, and also makes me feel like I could have had a cameo on Buffy in the late 90s. There is always a layer of pure fashion, with the addition of these Maison Margiela Tabi flats (a treat for my hard work over the summer) which adds another layer of evergreen style to this look.

It may look far more simple than some of my other looks, but this for me has more of an impact, and it makes me feel very pulled together. Fashion is what you want to be, and you should always dress for yourself. Knowing that there are different facets to your own style journey is very important, and not talked about enough, so I thought this would be a perfect way to round out Fashion Month.

Fashion should always be fun, never forget that my darlings!

Shot by Ruth Pechey


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