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The SS18 Memo: The Top Handle Bag

If you like me, you are a keen follower of the fashions, then you will know this season is all about the top handle bag. Thanks to the likes of Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Cholé and others this hands-on trend is not going anywhere.

I knew I needed in on this trend, and thus I have the bag you see before you today. This number is brought to you by a very heavily Céline influenced design, via House of Fraser, and was a gift. It is such a nice change to carry a bag, swinging it a little, because why not? No, you won’t be able to fit everything in this bag, but it has stolen my heart.

Things I love about my new bag;

1. I get to say A Handbag ?! every time I pick it up (see The Importance of Being Earnest, for this reference)

2. The colour, I have always loved the colour red and have long gravitated to red over black. I can always seem to match this with so many of my outfits.

3. I can swing it to my heart's desire, I mean could I be any more of a cliché?

4. I get to say A HANDBAG ?!

This is a very smart and some may say ‘ladylike’ bag, feels much more polished and refined than cross body bags or totes. Adding a final flourish to any outfit this bag is going be my go to this season.

Thank you for joining me today, I will see you next Friday !! Have a great week everybody.


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