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Things I've Used Up

The true test of a product is not whether it was loved after a few uses, no the it was used it up fully to the bitter end, the last drop squeezed out and the pot cut open to get ALL-OF-IT. Today is a list of things that I have clean out and shaken to ensure emptiness, things in truth I really loved.

Micellar Water

This is my go to cleanser and has been for nearly a year, I talked about it here and here. This is probably only the third bottle I've had because it lasts SO long. There is nothing unpleasant about Micellar water and is suitable for ALL skin types, I used it throughout my Roaccutane treatment so it is really gentle yet effective.

Get it here

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt

I have had an on and off love affair with this scent for the longest time, I've told you why I love it here, and it is all used up. In the case of Wood Sage and Sea Salt, this happens too quickly as the fragrance doesn't last that long, which is a big turn off for me when it comes to perfume. Love the scent, love the lack of longevity less. Find out my current fragrance crush here.

Aloe Vera Gel

Another product that has featured in favourites, and for good reason. This stuff is brilliant for so many things. I use it on my face to reduce redness and sore areas. I have also used it on scratches, rashes, sunburn, nettle stings and even puffy eye bags. There is no limit to the uses of this wonderful product.

Get yours here

Stella Pop & Roller Ball

Another perfume that I have lamented over previously here. I stand by it because I really love the scent. I wear it all the time, and the added bonus of the Rollerball scent is so perfect for refreshing midway through the day without having to have the full-size bottle. I wish more brands made the rollerballs.

Get it here

Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I first fell in love with this mask in my June Ben Tries, it tested the best against 4 other masks. I really love it and I will tell you why. Firstly it doesn't fall off my face like so many other sheet masks. Secondly, there is so much product on the mask that it feels like it is actually doing something rather than just being moist. Finally, it works, brightening and moisturising the skin making it plump and youthful looking. What is not to love.

Get it here

Johnson's Baby Bubbles

Who doesn't love a good bath? Some bath products can be really drying to the skin, and when my skin was really dry I could do without that. This is why I have used all of these Bubbles as they are so gentle. Landing these bubbles in my May favourites, I have since re-purchased as it makes the best baths and keeps my skin soft.

Get them here

Thank you for joining me today, I really enjoyed talking about things I have had the chance to really get to know and fall in love with.

All previous posts I have talked about are all clickable (if it's underlined it's a link!)


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