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200 Connected Thoughts

I’m sat here writing my 200th Blog post, and I think that I might have a touch of writer's block. I have sat and sat staring at the screen not sure what to write for you today. It is unsurprising that this can happen, I write all the time and sometimes my mind just draws a blank.

To remedy this, I decide to watch a few Spice Girls music videos, the antidote to all mind blocks. In this black hole of late 90s pop, I discovered that their third number one single, 2 Become 1, has references to contraception which is a niche fact. Unfortunately, this did not shake me from my block.

After this I try a tried and tested method of visiting one of my favourite funny things usually found via Twitter, here is my current list if you wish to live my current mood;

I often have random thoughts that wander in and out of my head. For example, does anyone remember the Skoda Fabia Cake advert from 2007. Well, I do, and I have often thought what happened to ALL THAT CAKE. So whilst in the midst of this block, I thought I would have a quick google. It took a team of 15 4 days and £500,000 to make. They initially intended to give the cake to local charities and hospitals- but after being under all the lights of the studios- the cake was deemed not fit for consumption. The cake was donated for composting to the East London Community Recycling Project in Clapham. So that answers that thought.

So back to music, and I often think back to the music of my Childhood. Natalie Imbruglia was someone we always listened to, with her 1997 debut album a family favourite. However, one of my favourite songs is Torn, which I am sure you all know, and it wasn’t until really recently that I found out that this was a cover- and not written by or for Imbruglia. Now I know this isn’t a huge deal, but my world was shaken when I found that out.

At this juncture I can assure you that the rambling will be continuing, so I thought I would take an opportunity to talk about some of the things that really irritate me. Namely sheet face masks. Whose face are they designed to fit, because they DON’T fit mine. They are too large at the sides and FLAP off. Then over the nose and lips, they are too small. I love face masks but why do they have to be so damn ridiculous. Back to music.

Talking of covers, one of the worlds greatest songs is Whitney Houston’s I will always love you. However, it was also a cover. This song was written by Dolly Parton who had number one success with it in 1974 and 1982. Houston’s version was recorded for the Bodyguard and entered the charts in 1992 where it was number one for 14 weeks; making it one of the best selling singles ever. Apparently, Parton sent Houston a Christmas card every year until Houston’s death thanking her for the royalties.

It's funny that the thoughts that roam our minds, can in some form or another be connected to make a piece of writing, which in simple terms is all any piece of journalism or blog post is. So it would seem in writing about my writers block, I have in essence unblocked myself, and written today’s post. I promise my 201st blog post will be much better!!

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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