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I left my heart in 2009 and other stories...

Oh hello, darling, and welcome to the final post of age month. I know you are ready for it. Welcome to a classic in my mind post. Oh yes, it's time to take a gentle stroll through my mind and we will be taking the scenic route kids. Buckle up because it has been a while. This month we will be focusing heavily on nostalgia to round out AGE MONTH.

I quite often start with music, and today is NO DIFFERENT. For this obsession, I blame the one and only Elizabeth Whibley. I remember in 2009 being very obsessed by the song Left my heart in Tokyo, which I hadn’t even thought about until I saw Elizabeth’s collection at GFW19, and the love affair was reignited. I’m sorry but it is a major song and one that is now on HEAVY rotation.

Talking of 2009, can we talk about GLEE. I want to thank everybody at Netflix who chose to purchase Glee with our increased subscription fee. I am deeply thankful to have been binging this seminal series. Reliving one of my actual teenage obsessions has been an absolute joy. It was a important show for me, and I thank the storylines for making me happier in who I was.

If you haven’t watched, I would urge you to do so for many reasons. Jane Lynch is masterful as Sue Sylvester, and her legendary performance as Madonna in Vogue, or even her duet with OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN. The whole Rachel and Kurt relationship. Oh and unique, so so good. Seriously Glee is 100% major. Also, I saw a thread on twitter that quite rightly asserted that some of the Glee covers were better than the originals.

Talking of nostalgia, I adored looking back through my archives last month. It really inspired me, and I have enjoyed updating my sartorial style over the years, and it also reminded me why I loved writing about style and issues that mattered to me. I feel like my sense of self has been fully boosted, and that I have renewed my subscription to my inner glow.

I thought about it more when I was answering all your questions in my Q&A at the start of the month. So if you want to find out more, watch those. I am REALLY into creating video content, reflecting on who have been, who I am now, and where I am going. Being able to see yourself through other peoples eyes s a great way to gauge your own emotional state with yourself.

August is always such a lovely month, with my birthday, and that holiday vibe. It also is when I begin to think about the season ahead, even though I am a Leo, I lust for autumn-winter. I miss coats, jumpers, and layering. But just as we get older every day, time passes, and this we are creeping ever closer to autumn.

I feel like this month has been a really good theme, and I have loved bringing all of my interests together under the umbrella of age. Thank you for joining me each and every week.

I will be back next month, for the beginning of FASHION MONTH, because after all, September is the January of fashion.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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