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Stripes, Chocolate Sauce, Dolce Dolce Dolce and that Shower Scene…

Oh hello darling, and welcome back to the final post of Comfort Month. Today I am wrapping everything up in the warm embrace of an In My Mind peice, a jaunt through the soup of thoughts in my mind. We will be discussing clothing, films and my favourite girls.

First Up, Stripes. Have I ever talked to you about the love I have in Stripes?

Yes Stripes bring me the biggest amount of comfort and day to day male up the largest part of my uniform. As you saw last week, they are perfect in any look imaginable!

I talked earlier in the month about watching When Harry met All for the first time, and the comfort that brought me. On this vein, I also watched Psycho for the very first time. They are not in the same category of film, not by any stretch of the imagination!

Psycho is often quoted as being as one of the greatest films of all time, and similar to WHMS, I thought it was time I dipped a toe into the bloodstained waters of Psycho.

Okay so it was actually very good, was it one of the best films I have ever seen? Well no, but who can compete with Working Girl, The Witches of Eastwick and, Death Becomes her. However, it was much much better than I expected. Beyond that shower scene, it actually has quite a gripping story, and it is really well acted. Fun fact, for the blood they used Chocolate sauce, which was watered down, and made for the perfect darkness needed for blood in black and white.

On from chocolate sauce, and much more comforting, is something that I tend to revisit every year or so, and that is Sex and the City. I finished it for the I-don’t-know-how-many-eth-time recently, and I am as always overjoyed and saddened all at the same time.

I love the earlier series because of the nostalgia and naivety of the characters. The middle seasons because the fashion is amazing, hello boosted budgets. Oh and the last 2 seasons because the characters are more fulfilled and their storylines are buoyed with success and meaning.

So there you have it Stripes, Chocolate Sauce, Dolce Dolce Dolce and that Shower Scene. All in one post, and that nicely concludes Comfort Month and November’s Content! Thank you so much as always for joining me today, I will see you in DECEMBER dear reader.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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