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Feeling Spendy? Me too...

As you may or may not know, I am a voracious shopper much to my bank account’s dismay, but lets face it you can’t take it with you and things make me happy right now. Stay tuned for saving and accountancy tips -just FYI thats never going to happen.

So as you’ve probably guessed this post is a group of the things that I have purchased most recently, there is not a theme to the items, its all very free fall over at right now!!

Hunter Chelsea Boots

Lets start with their name a little pretentious me thinks, they are just short wellington boots but I do love aspiration in a boot. I needed them, what can I say. I currently reside in a 3 dog household, thus practical waterproof footwear was required. So perhaps not the chicest start to this post, or maybe they are...

My top features:

•They are practical,

•Green, green here relates to the colour not their environmental impact, but I recycled the box, maybe that counts…

•Wildly comfy,

•Not hot, hands up if you are sufferer of damp feet in outdoor/practical shoes,

•Green, green is used here to emphasise that it is my favourite colour, I thought you ought to know,

•Well made (No seriously, my last pair of Hunter boots lasted 5 years),

•My Mother approves, for once, apparently they scored high practicality points,

•Lastly and most importantly they were in the sale, well done Hunter.

So you can obviously see the merits of this purchase, even though they are slightly dull and not the most fashionable of all my footwear choices, but I do love them.

Get them here

Triwa Bangle

Now I must admit this is a much less practical purchase, it was one that was made with the heart. However in terms of my taste this was practically a budget purchase, it could certainly be written off as an essential item.

Triwa are a high quality Swedish watch and sunglasses company, for the jewellery they use the left over materials such as the brass and acetate to make these bangles. The metal ones are very stylish but it was the havana turtle that really caught my eye, I wear a lot of gold and sliver and I thought that it would add another dimension to my accessories whilst at the same time match my glasses.

I ordered the bangle in a size large as I have a larger wrist (read into that what you wish) and I am so happy, it doesn't stick when you get warm and is so comfy, in fact I haven't taken off since I purchased it, and yes that does mean I sleep in my jewellery, what of it ?!

Get it here


Walkers brought them back !! A throw back to my childhood, one of my favourite all time snacks. So upon seeing that they bought them back they have featured heavily in my recent diet. I am aware that crisps are not kale based and therefore are not the healthiest, but the individual packets are ok-ish and I have made sure the rest of my diet is varied so I am not too worried…

Get them here (don't get addicted like me...)

Zatchels Portfolio

Now quite possibly this may be an accessory that you have never considered, but listen up Ladies and Gentlemen. Simply put this portfolio is life changing, well maybe that is an over exaggeration but it is still very useful.

Picture this; you have a dinner, you want to look poised and glamorous but that massive shoulder bag you lug day to day just doesn't cut it (I never lug anything ever darling, but it adds to the effect). A clutch bag wont do because your frame is that of a man and thus you would look odd (unless a clutch suits you, then you rock that clutch, well done to you Kevin) suddenly the portfolio is your new best friend. I can stuff it full of all my essentials and it still looks minimal and paired back, in a word CHIC. Also shout out to that beautiful cow hide that makes a sensory delight for stroking mid dinner...

Unfortunately you cannot get my exact portfolio but I have linked the others they do, and honestly I feel I need more in other colours…

Selena Gomez, Revival

I know right, who buys CDs these days anyways, well I do !! I like a physical copy, its a habit I just haven't gotten out of. (All of that basically means I don't understand downloads and Spotify.)

Back to the content of said CD, I have not followed Selena’s career and only looked at this album because of her episode of Carpool Karaoke . It has all her recent hits and some other really great songs, sure its not profound, tender or beautifully written, however as an album it is great to get stuff done too.

Bens Top 5 Tracks:

5: Same Old Love

4: Hands to Myself

3: Me & The Rhythm

2: Kill Em With Kindness

1: Me & My Girls

So next time you are doing the ironing, hoovering the endless rugs and carpets or just need to chill perhaps consider Revival.

Get the CD here or here if you do the download thing...

Birkenstock Milano Sandals

Another pair of shoes. Why Ben do you need so many shoes ? You only have one pair of feet, well I do like to have options. I have had these sandals in brown for about 3 years and loved them, but I stopped wearing them as much because the brown wasn't working with my current wardrobe. So in my mind I justified this purchase as a necessity; because black goes with everything right?

I have to admit that Birkenstocks do take commitment and need wearing in as your feet adjust to the shape of the footbed, but once you do they are so comfortable and will support your feet all day long. I do also suggest you go and try them on first because they don't suit everyone. I have worn them so much, I highly recommend the black because they are so versatile.

Get them here

Thus concludes my first new purchases post, whats your favourite? What would you buy? Or do you hate everything and think that I really need to adjust my life? Whatever you think, or just want to say Hi let me know in the comments.

Bye for now darlings...

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