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Festive Additions

Darling welcome back to and in a time honoured tradition (I can say that because this is the second time I’ve written this) I want to share with you some of the wonderful things that I have received this festive period. As always this is not a post written in order to boast or to showboat, I am just a very nosey person and love reading posts like this, so why not share my own...

Gabrielle Chanel EDP

Darling this is MY Chanel, many of the other Chanel scents have connections to other family members, but this all-new scent for the house of Chanel is all mine. I know I have said in previous posts (here and here) that scent is not a luxury, but this one certainly is. If you want to find out more about the scent I wrote a little something about Gabrielle over on PlusMinus Magazine.

Get it here

Cameo Ring

My darling Sister is so wonderful at Christmas time, she asks me what I want and never sets me a budget. My choice this year is this beautiful 1970 rose gold cameo ring, which is so wonderful and unique. I am very lucky.

Snoopy Vans

I saw so many mega babes in the Vans checkered slip on and really wanted to try a pair for myself, however, I am not that edgy. So the fact that these are covered in Snoopy make them P-E-R-F-E-C-T for me!! Also on a side note, I always size up a half size for a slip-on…

Get them here

Norman Picture

This amazing photo collage was a gift from Norman (or Sir Woo Woo the Third if you listen to the Podcast) and isn’t it AMAZING. It captures some of our best times and makes me so very happy.

Create your own here

Illustrated Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This was one of the things that I included in my Christmas Gift Guide and was so thrilled to open it up on Christmas Day. Sometimes it is so lovely to sit down and read your favourites in an illustrated version.

Get it here

Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Creams

Okay, I got these for myself in the sales, but they were a gift to me. Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Creams are one of my secret passions that I haven’t really spoken about on here yet. Well don’t worry, come February you may be able to read a little more about them…

Shop similar

Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud

I received my first bottle of this for my Birthday, and I HAVE USED IT ALL. So a new bottle was in order. I cannot say any more.

Get it here

Emerald Ring

I WAS SO LUCKY. Yes very very lucky, this emerald ring will sit pride of place on my hand. I am so grateful...

So that's what I got this year, click here to see what I got last year, and click here to see what I received for my Birthday!! Thank you for joining me today, and I will see you on Friday as always.


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