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New in- The Home Edition...

Welcome to the new HQ of, so yes I have moved location to the south. I wanted to introduce you to my new setting and I thought the best way to do this was a homeware haul. However, this post may as well be called what I bought from Ikea…

Green Cabinet

I am an old fashioned kind of person, and one of the things that I think is imperative is the bedside table. You need a somewhere to put all the rubbish that you might need when you wake up in a panic. I saw this one in Ikea and fell in LOVE. As I have mentioned before Green is one of my most favourite colours so you know I needed this. However, on a practical note it has the surface that I require plus its also a cupboard for more stuff. Forgive me but I do not feel the need to show you my cupboard innards. Also in terms of price it was only £29, which is a steal and it is made of metal so it will last forever.

Get yours here

Bed Linen

Fun fact; My Mother has one of the largest collection of bed linen that I have ever seen. That love and passion for bed linen has clearly rubbed off on me, and thus I have so many sets. This was a lovely gift coincidently from my Mother !! So much to love about this bed linen, firstly the leafy-ness of it is very appealing to me not only because it is a plant theme which I adore but it is also very current trend wise. Secondly and perhaps the most important; the birds, look at all of them. Ahhh this bed linen is everything to me.

Hockney Prints

In the summer I took a trip to Salts Mill in West Yorkshire to see The Arrival of Spring 49 pictures of one area in Woldgate. The exhibition was amazing, the detail he could get into these images just using an iPad is simply spectacular. These prints were from the exhibition and are just postcards that I have framed. I picked the images that really stood out to me, it seems that the pink was the strong colour that I was drawn too. It is lovely to have a little piece of Yorkshire here with me in the south.

Go see it, and get the frames here


This goes hand in hand with the bedside table. Fun fact I am unable to sleep without reading for at least half an hour and for that I like lower light as it helps induce sleepiness. For all of those requirements I need a lamp, and this one fits the bill. Yet another shade of GREEN, avocado this time which is very important to me. Also it runs on LED bulbs which have low electricity consumption and long life, so win win!!

Get it here

Bird Clock

This was a little impulsive but it was £4, thats right people FOUR ENGLISH POUNDS. Beyond the price I really like how it references the traditional cuckoo clocks, but is fresh and modern. It ties all the elements of my current decor quite nicely if I do say so myself.

Get it here


So that concludes my new in/home haul/what I got form Ikea post. I hope you approve of my purchases, whats your favourite? I hope you are enjoying my new location, much more coming soon.

Keep em peeled 🍊

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