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Christmas Wrapping Guide...

So if you read my Christmas Gift Guide last week you should have bought all your presents for your loved ones by now. So now you need to wrap it all up, if you feel a bit overwhelmed or you always end up with naff looking gifts, well never fear because Ben is here to help with that too !! Lets get into this, grab a cup of tea because you know this is going to be a long one !!!

You will need:

Wrapping Paper



Firstly you need to pick your wrapping scheme, okay so you maybe don’t have to go that in depth with this, but it helps if you have a colour scheme and or theme so that you can buy similar colours or complementary colours of accessories such as tissue, bows and tags. I went for this floral number from Marks and Spencer, in past years I have gone a little crazy with colours, one memorable was lime green and pink, so this year I decided to go a little more classic. I am wrapping up this beautiful very Gucci-esque clutch from Aldo (stick around to find out how to get your hands on it).

Right a good first step is to remove any labels, prices and check if there is any excess stuffing.

Next, lay out the tissue paper and sprinkle over your present confetti.

Tape up the sides and edges to stop the confetti escaping.

You need to check and measure out roughly your wrapping paper, then cut.

Add more confetti (personal preference)

Tape up sides and edges

Measure out and cut your string or ribbon. For this gift I doubled up the string so that it had a nicer more rustic effect.

Lay out the string and place the parcel in the middle, bring both ends of the string over the back and loop one end under the other and make a loose knot.

Turn the parcel back over and bring both ends of the string over the front, thread each end under your first string length and then tie a knot with the original length in the middle- securing the parcel. Leave the ends loose, we will need these in a bit.

This next bit is very optional, but I think it adds a nice festive touch. Now we are customising the tags, undo their knot and thread on some bells (mine are from paperchase) and then knot in place, thread this under the knotted string and tie in place. Cut any excess length.

Now tie the ends of the string into a bow, if the ends of the string are odd lengths or too long cut to neaten.

Now the fun bit !! Accessorise to your hearts content. You could use a big bow, a sprig of holly or even a pine cone. Secure these into the bow.

So there you have it !! Christmas wrapping made easy, and everyone will think you are some kind of Kirstie Allsopp Christmas making God. Remember Christmas is supposed to be fun, so don’t take it to seriously and as long as you make an effort people will appreciate anything no matter how it looks…


Honey, in the spirit of Christmas I want to give you a gift !! Unfortunately I cannot give all my readers a present, but for one lucky person you can WIN the Aldo clutch featured in this wrapping guide. Yes I’m having a giveaway just in time for Christmas !!

How to enter:

This Giveaway is now closed, thank you to everyone who entered !!

The more you enter, the more chances your name will be drawn !!

Due to postage costs and in order for my winner to receive their prize in time for Christmas, this giveaway is only open to the UK, I am very sorry for my readers overseas in Russia, Germany, America and Canada, and to anyone else outside the UK. However I promise in 2017 to have an international giveaway.

The giveaway winner will be drawn at random, by a third party. I will contact the winner to congratulate them and get their address so that I can post it to them.

The giveaway is open from Today (Friday the 16th of December) until 5.30pm on Monday the 19th of December. The Winner will be announced in my blog post on Tuesday the 20th of December.

So go on darling, it could be you that wins this amazing prize.

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