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New In- Festive Edition...

Welcome to another new in post this time with a festive flair. I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas and enjoyed the start of the new year. So if you want to have a nosey at the lovely things I received this festive period then stay tuned...

Stella Pop

Another perfume, but I hear you say: 'Ben only the other day you declared your love for a perfume'. Yes I know, but I love this one too. This new scent by Stella McCarntey is unlike my other perfumes and its so nice to start the new year with a new scent. What I also love is that it came in a gift set with a rollerball scent, for on the go application through the day. It makes me feel very put together to refresh my scent through the day. So much love for this.

Get this here

Dressing Gown(s)

How has it got to this point in my life that I don’t own a dressing gown, well that has changed this Christmas, with these amazing dressing gowns, two yes I know, but I’m making up for lost time (actually I wanted one for home and for university). It fills a gap I didn’t know was there in my life. If you haven’t got one: get one. If you already have one: bask in it’s glory just as I am right now as I write this post !!

Get yours here and here

Chloe Sunglasses

You will have guessed by now I am HUGE sunglasses fan, come rain or shine there is always a pair on my face. This pair are such a great pair for me as they are different from my dark acetate pairs I normally favour. I love the lightness and delicate nature of them. I am so thankful for these as they were a very generous gift that I will treasure. Get ready to see them A LOT !!

Get them here

Jeffery West Boots

I love a boot, and I love chocolate. Put these two things together and what do you get ? These Jeffery West Cuban heeled boots are all I need in a boot right now. Again a very generous gift that I couldn’t have afforded to do with my own budget. I have gone on about boots before and they are still a staple, and in brown they open up even more options in my wardrobe. Its official I’m in love !!

Get them here

Babylis Hair Dryer

Not the most exciting you might think. However, I disagree. A little story for you, way back in October I was home and borrowing my Mum’s hairdryer and it gave me the best hair of my LIFE, and I knew I needed this. This hair dryer is the business, it does my hair to perfection making it so soft. Also the price is reasonable, so until Dyson feel like gifting me one of their £300 hair dryers I am more than happy with this one.

Get it here

Princess Peach Back Pack

Not something that you see me with, but I do regularly use a backpack when I travel home. I had one from Cath Kidston but unfortunately that gave up the ghost after a poor performance all round. So a new one had to be found, this is from the Nintendo x Vans collaboration. Princess Peach was always my favourite in Mario Kart and so is the perfect thing to have on a backpack. I am so in love with this and cannot wait to start using it.

So there you have it folks, a sample of what I got this year, I hope you were as lucky as I was. I was well and truly spoilt this festive season.

I will see you on Tuesday with my 2016 favourites, until then my darlings…


I just want to remind you that I'm not boasting or bragging, but I like reading/watching what other people get for Christmas. If you are not a fan then come back on Tuesday for a different blog post !!

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