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New Year Revolutions...

DARLING, welcome to to my first post of 2017. I hope your festive break was everything and more. Now its the new year. Right about now there will people spouting out resolutions, buying self help books and going on juice cleanses (what even is a juice cleanse anyway??). There is nothing wrong with that, if its you then thats fine too. However I am not a fan of those sorts of things.

What I mean is that just because its the new year doesn’t mean this is the only time you can make changes, and again doesn’t mean that you have to make changes. Just because the year is different and its January doesn’t mean you have to suddenly be someone different or somehow better than you were 4 days ago.

What I believe is that it is a good time of year to review the things your life, and think about what 2017 is going to be for you. I don’t make resolutions, because they are unrealistic and just another way to make you feel guilty and worry even more. Instead perhaps write a list of the things you would like to achieve this year, maybe its passing your driving test, or maybe its learning how to speak Portuguese or maybe to not to loose all your pens this year. Setting little hopes like these remove the pressure that traditional resolutions place on you at time of year that quite frankly can feel pretty miserable.

Bring in some new routines to liven up the new year that helps you forget that its nearly a year till Christmas again. Maybe this could be eating breakfast when you didn’t last year, knitting in the evenings to stop you feeling empty. I know this might sound as preachy as the stuff I am saying you don’t need to do, but this is a simpler and nicer way to tackle this odd time of year.

Try it and see how it might make 2017 a little better than if you try to reinvent yourself as the saint that only eats raw and runs marathons. I am suggesting an set of easy honest ways to start your new year !!

I will see you on Friday with another post, until then my darlings, Happy New Year !!


Photography by the fabulous Jamie Windust

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