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Go Your Own Way...

For my eagle eyed readers you may have spotted the Fleetwood Mac reference, alas Stevie Nicks is not the inspiration behind my outfit today. No, in fact it is a pair of DIY customised Jeans instead.

I have had these black jeans for YEARS and for some reason had never really worn them. Cut to a sleep deprived Ben, unable to sleep at 2am, inspired by my friend Claudia I- inexpertly I must add- cut the ends of these jeans. Now they are a cropped distressed hem jean, I had to explain to my Mum that ‘yes people really do spend money to have jeans like this’. I find that by just taking the ends off, they are so much more wearable- maybe not the most winter friendly of hems- and work really well in my wardrobe.

For this look I paired the jeans with this INCREDIBLE pink coat, which sadly comes from the wardrobe of my sister. I am so gutted that this doesn’t belong to me. It is such a simple look yet the hems of these jeans makes it look so much more styled, I love an outfit that makes you look like you tried harder than you really did.

That all for today everybody. I hope you found it inspiring, if you don’t fancy taking the scissors to your jeans then I have linked a load of cut off jeans below. I will see you next week with a slightly different post. I hope you all have a lovely weekend xx


Shot at Burnby Hall, by the lovely Rachel Pechey and myself...

What I’m wearing

Jumper: ASOS

Jeans: DIY

Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Other Jean Options:

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