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The Age of Clothes

Oh hello darling, and welcome back to age month. I have talked to you before about not wearing the clothes I own, saving them for an eternal rainy day. But in reality I have an anxiety about the pieces that I really love. Sometimes I stop wearing them so that they last longer and I will be able to treasure forever.

The timeline of clothes is something that is very important to me. We in the industry always urge people to buy quality over quantity for a reason. Buying a sustainable and well made piece will always outlast anything gained from a fast fashion company.

Not only does choosing a sustainable option reduce the strain on our already struggling planet, but it also will mean that we throw less away. Keep things in rotation in our wardrobes, reduces what we have to buy, and will create a great capsule wardrobe.

Sometimes pieces last so long, but are not loved. It means that sometimes we can make mistakes, and pick bold things that linger in the back of our cupboards and drawers. Yet the initial cost means we are unwilling to let them go. Yet, this is not necessarily a bad thing at all.

A case in point is a recent find, slumbering at the back of my wardrobe were these statement floral jeans. I bought them early 2016, and in reality wore them maybe 4/5 times. They were purchased as a direct correlation to the output of Gucci. I needed floral jeans, but in reality 2016 Ben was not ready to rock them, they were just too bold for me.

Yet I hung onto them and only in a very recent clear out, I found them, and decided it was make or break time. The thing is with age, both of us have come a long way. The overt nature of the jeans has faded over time, and quite honestly I have surpassed them in boldness. Now when I don them, they feel very safe, easy and comfortable.

I am not saying we have to let all risky purchases age in our wardrobes like a fine wine, cheese or assorted pickled fruit and vegetables. However, I can say that it has worked me with these jeans. I had no idea at the time how my style would evolve, but I clearly had an eye for bold designs that I would happily bring into my oeuvre.

If you really love something but right now it doesn’t suit you, then you have a couple of choices. First if it really isn’t you, then perhaps return it and buy those wedge mules you know you’ve been lusting over. However, if there is something that is telling you to keep them, maybe trust your instinct.

As long as you can afford the item, allow it to age and develop so that when you are ready you can bring it out into heavy rotation. We are told that fashion is all about NOW, but you can totally buy ahead for your future. Know that your timeline is not linear. So allow your clothes to age, develop with you!

Thank you as ALWAYS, for joining me today. I will see you next week, to continue age month.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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