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Outfit Repeater

I need to tell you all something, my name is Ben and I am an outfit repeater.

As a fashion student and a fashion writer I spend nearly all of my time looking at fashion, I am a big fan of fashion and clothes, but sometimes when it comes to dressing myself I just want dependable comfort.

Thus I have become an outfit repeater, my current look represents my current dressing regime. Simple striped tee, jeans and a trainer. This is my off duty uniform, it is not completely unfashionable and there is something quite lovely in looking low maintenance.

For me I don’t want to look like I am trying too hard every day, I want to appear effortless and dare I say it, chic. I think this strikes the balance, the things I am wearing are elevated by quality accessories, such as my Celiné sunglasses that I cannot get enough of at the moment.

Who knows how long this current approach to dressing will last, but for now I am really enjoying myself. Who else is an outfit repeater?? Let me know…

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Jeans: Old, Similar

Trainers: Vans, Similar

Earrings: Erstwilder

Watch: Michael Kors, Similar

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