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Ben Tries: Cheese...

Welcome back to a third instalment of the Ben Tries series, where I attempt to broaden my horizons by trying different things.

Today I am focusing on Cheese. Now I must warn you here I am not a cheese fan, but as I said at the start of the year, 2017 is all about broadening my horizons, so off I go to try cheese. I have included brie, which I quite like. I am going to be comparing it against 4 other cheeses and we shall see if anything tickles my fancy…

Cheddar Cheese with Onion & Chives

Okay so I thought I would start with a friendly option- because of it being green !! This is a mid strength Cheddar with a creamy finish. Taste wise, I liked the chive and onion flavour, however for me I found the cheese taste too strong for me.

Cornish Cove

Okay we move on to a mature option. Cornish Cove, a strong mature Cheddar with a crumbly texture. I cannot lie, this was not for me- WAY TOO STRONG. I am beginning to think that I really hate cheese !!

White Stilton with Cranberries

When I bought my cheeses for this post, I said to myself ‘you will hate this Ben’. So lets see !! This white stilton is a soft cheese with cranberries in it- without any blueness like normal stilton. PLOT TWIST, this was lovely. The cheese tasted creamy and mild, and the cranberries added a sweetness to it which I loved.

Red Leicester

A classic cheese, that is not very strong. Well taste wise, umm it was a bit boring, nothing special or exciting- so I guess I am not a fan.

Normandy Brie

Okay Brie, I eat brie, I like brie. This wasn’t the nicest brie I have ever had, but was nice and creamy on a cracker and went well with the grapes !!

So 5 cheeses tried and tasted, and I have a new winner. White Stilton with Cranberries is my new favourite cheese, followed by Brie in second, Onion & Chive third, Red Leicester forth and Cornish Cove in last place.

I will also say that M&S have a great selection of miniature cheeses for those who either want to try new cheeses or only want a small amount of cheese, and at 45p each they are nice and cheap too !!

Thank you also to my Sister and Mum helping me try these cheeses and for finishing them off for me !! Thank you for joining me on my cheese journey, I will see on Friday with another post.

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