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Perfect Nails in 6 Steps...

Welcome back to dear reader. Today’s post is little different, and is my first step into the how to sector !! Today I am talking you through step by step to give you amazing nails. Now I cannot make them grow, I can't stop them from breaking. However, I know that following these steps frequently will prompt nail growth and strength, and will set you on the path to wonderful nails. I must state at this point that I did train as a nail technician, so I do know what I am talking about- you are getting all the tips of the trade for FREE !! I have linked all of the products I have used. Most of this post is common sense so just have a read and have a go !!

What You’ll Need:

Step 1:

Clean any residual polish from your nails.

Then file your nails them gently in one direction (No back and forth-seesawing- as this heats the nail up and can cause splits/damage).

Shape them however you like, I personally prefer sqoval which is a squared oval shape. Square is very hard wearing, true oval is beautiful but is harder to maintain and they can break more easily. My advice is start from one side and then mirror that shape on the other side, take your time and you will find the shape comes naturally !!

Step 2:

Apply some cuticle remover to the base of the nails and rub this in. Leave for a minute. A cuticle remover typically contains some form of acid to break down the skin, it is best to be sparing with this product as it is strong.

Then using the rounded edge of your tool gently push away any excess skin, if needed use the knife edged end and gently cut away the excess. Doing this every two weeks will maintain your nails, and it also makes paint application much easier.

After you have removed the cuticles, wash and dry your hands and apply some hand cream.

Step 3:

Use nail polish remover on the nail and squeak the nail, using a little force with the cotton pad so that the nail makes a squeaking noise. This will remove any oils and make a perfect base for our polish.

Then apply a base coat. I use OPI Nail envy, I swear by it and use nothing else. Apply 1 coat to all nails, then without waiting, apply a second coat. 2 coats may seem odd, but trust me it does work.

This not only makes a perfect foundation for the colour because it has something to stick too, but it also protects your nail from any staining. Let this dry for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4:

Next we are applying colour, I am using Chanel Rouge Noir, I personally love Chanel’s formula for colours and find they last a long time for me. Now I understand that £18 is a lot for one colour- it is worth it. If however you want to spend a little less, then Barry M have a great range of colours and paint well, the same for OPI and China Glaze.

Now the trick to good colour application is using it sparingly. An overloaded brush will do you no favours. My top tip is when you take the brush from the bottle, wipe half of the brush in the neck so that you have polish on one side of the brush.

Place the brush in the centre of the nail close to the cuticle, then gently push that up to the edge of the cuticle and then draw the brush down the nail to the tip.

Then without dipping the brush again, gently sweep the brush from the cuticle round the left side of the nail to the tip.

Repeat for the right side, you may need a little more polish for this. Paint all fingers in this way. Don't worry if the first coat is patchy, this layer is for our shape, we will focus on colour on our second coat.

Step 5:

Without waiting for your first coat to dry repeat that process. Make sure you have an even covering of polish to ensure you have a good colour application, and no patchiness !!

This second coat is a little different, as after you have done the whole nail, we need cap the tip.

Gently pull the end of your finger back with your thumb, with a little polish on the end of your brush run it across the tip. Essentially we are running polish along the tip and a little to the underside of the nail too, so that the polish has a proper finish and lasts longer.

This keeps your nail polish fresh for a couple days longer. Don’t worry if you get a little on the skin you can clean this up with a little nail polish remover and a cotton bud later.

Step 6:

Let the colour dry for 4-6 minutes.

Apply a generous top coat to your nails, painting in the same way as before, and don’t forget to cap the nails either. You only need to do one coat of this.

I really like OPI’s rapid dry formula as not only is it crazy shiny but it also lasts for a good while.

If after a couple of days you want to freshen up your nails then apply another layer of top coat.

So there you have it, 6 easy steps to get great nails. If you are a Pro at nails then this will be easy, if you are a novice then perhaps not as easy. Following these steps won't make your ability any better, but if you do this more often you will get better I promise. I hope it helps and let me know if you need any more advice or if you have any top tips !!

I will see you on Friday with a style post. Hope you all have a lovely Valentines day however you spend it !!


Photographed by Rachel Pechey

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