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How to Get a Better Nights Sleep

Sleep is very important to me. Without sleep, I am not a nice person. A night of interrupted sleep can lead to a nightmare day. I cannot be the only one that feels this deeply about sleep, so over the years, I have found some things that go a long way to help me sleep better. Of course, they are not infallible but it is always worth trying things. I have compiled 5 things that help me get a better nights sleep…


Whilst you are sleeping your body is working to get you ready for the next day, for this to work it needs to be fully hydrated. Drinking at least 2 litres a day will help your body to work it’s magic whilst you are asleep and will help your body to be healthy and make you happier.

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Decaffeinated Drinks

Whilst hydrating your body steer clear of caffeine, which is in so many things (chocolate I am looking at you). Drinking teas without caffeine also work with your body by warming it up. The natural cooling process your body goes through will help you relax and fall asleep.

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Night Shift

We are all on our phones a lot, and I am not here to criticise that. However, it is helpful to reduce the amount of blue light that you ease your body too. The blue light comes from your phone, which triggers the melatonin in your body to keep you awake. So by using the nightshift feature on your phone turns the screen softer and yellower to help your body to not be affected. I have mine on 7-7 every night automatically. I also recently found this on my MacBook as well which is so helpful !!

Find out how to set up Nightshift here

Read/Switch OFF

Put your phone down at least an hour before you go to bed. Allow your mind to focus on something else, I read because it makes me focus and in doing so makes me that extra bit tired and helps me drift off. Also, the illustrated Harry Potter books are visual treats and means I can experience the series in a new way. Also, I tend to go to bed the same time every day so my body gets into a routine, when I change things up I can really tell.

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Natural Remedies

Okay, so if you have tried all the other things, and you are still not managing to get decent sleep; then I recommend natural remedies. These are not sleeping pills, but contain natural Valerian Root that promotes sleepiness and sleep. These work and don’t make you feel like a zombie the next day - which other pills do. With all forms of pills and medications ALWAYS read the labels and make sure that they are right for you.

Find out more here

So that's all for me today, I hope this helps you sleep, I will see you on Friday. Sweet dreams…


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