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How to shop Black Friday 2018

Don't let Black Fridaty get to you hun...

Today is BLACK FRIDAY. The Friday we have inherited from the US. This is the day after Thanksgiving, dubbed Black Friday for 3 reasons*.

Firstly in retail, this is the year when some retailers begin to turn a profit, thus going from being "in the red" to being "in the black" - clever right?! Secondly this the start of the festive shopping period, with many shops opening later and selling more than many other days.

Finally, the one I like the best is, attributed to the Panic of 1869. When financiers Jay Gould and James Fisk attempted to corner the gold market. When President Grant learned of this manipulation, he ordered the Treasury to release a large supply of gold, which caused prices to drop by eighteen per cent. Fortunes were made and lost in a single day, with many Wall Street financiers ruined.

Well, your Black Friday doesn’t have to be that dramatic. I thought that this somewhat stressful time could deserve a little post. Helping you navigate this Black Friday weekend, perhaps giving you ideas to utilise Black Friday to your advantage, save some money or even save you from yourself! Keep scrolling to find out how to shop Black Friday 2018.

If you didn’t want it before…

This is a huge one, that I ALWAYS have to remind myself. If you didn’t want it before, why do you want it now with 10-30% off?? Literally, the thought of saving money has driven you to add it to your basket. STOP, focus and reflect.

I am an incredibly guilty person. I feel guilt over the smallest things. Purchases like this end up making me feel sick with guilt. If you are like that, perhaps step away from that purchase.

If you loved it before and waited for the deal. BUY IT NOW!!! Well done you, you played the system correctly.

Christmas is Coming

As I mentioned, Black Friday marks the beginning of the festive shopping period.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy some amazing gifts for less. You either get to stick to a tight budget, or you can spend the same amount and upgrade that gift!!

Stock Up

Most stores have nothing special to offer you and end up doing blanket discounts. ASOS is a huge one for this, and have 20% off this weekend.

Use this as an opportunity to buy the things you normally get but with money off. With cosmetics, underwear, roll necks and thermals all in the offer, get your essentials for less!!

Support Small Business

Even independent business have to compete and cut their prices. If you are feeling speedy this Black Friday, then maybe take the time to support some smaller independent retailers.

I am especially keen on July Child Jewellery, Sinead is a mega babe and has given you a site-wide discount of 20% when using discount “HAVINGABF”. Seriously chic accessories, and a cheeky saving- what more could you want?

Ignore it

I have had over 25 emails between yesterday and today (yes ladies I wrote this at 9am on Black Friday) and I found it to be quite pressuring. With my phone telling me to SPEND SPEND SPEND from every angle. I have decided to delete anything that says BLACK FRIDAY, DEALS, SAVE etc…

Instead, I am focusing on getting other things done because at the end of the day Black Friday is an exploitation of commercialism that 10 years was pretty much unheard of in the UK.

If you work in retail I know your pain, please if you interact with store staff this weekend, ask them how they are, smile and be polite - they will be super stressed and busy, and this might just give them something to smile about.

That is how I would navigate Black Friday. How are you spending this year? Let me know !!

*from what a quick google my mum performed at breakfast told me, thank you, mum 💝

Also can we just take a moment for the beauty of this jumper and jean combo. This was gifted to me by Matalan, and I AM IN LOVE. Matalan have ... a huge selection of Knitwear at INCREDIBLE prices, this jumper is £18!!

See you all soon darlings 💝

Shot by Rachel Pechey

Shop My Lewk:

Roll Neck: ASOS

Earrings: Zara

Sunglasses: Gucci


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