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A refocused Role

Oh hello, darling, and welcome to March, which will be known as focus month. All month long we will focus our vision and lock on to what matters. 4 weeks of content that will help and remind you of the things that are important in our lives. I want to kick things off with something that you, my lovely readers and followers made me realise.

I am a vocal person, I write a lot, speak a lot, and there hasn’t been a week in the last year or so that I haven’t raised issues and sought to help where I can. The media tells us that our generation moans too much, that we are snowflakes making mountains out of molehills. My family has also expressed similar issues with me at the dinner table; many a conversation can soon turn into an argument.

Doubt is a strange emotion, but there are times when it seeps into the strongest of wills and steals self-assurance. These recent interactions and public perceptions of the strong-minded has left me conflicted. I decided that I would test the water.

In the last post of January, I talked about the importance of education, and how the best way forward for us was the renewed application of teaching acceptance in our society for mutual understanding. In the promotional story I ran alongside this post, I placed a question box asking you what issues you thought needed more awareness. This box was viewed by more than 400 people and not a single one answered.

Please don’t think I’m telling you off, in fact, its quite the opposite, it gave me the focus I needed. If anything I feel quite vindicated in my actions of being loquacious when it comes to the issues that matter to me. We need vocal people because not everyone has the strength, knowledge or even the need to speak up on issues.

One of the phrases I repeat in times of conflict is “you cannot tell me how to feel” and by that, I simply mean, we are all entitled to think what we think, but no one else can invalidate that. However, if you disagree with what someone else is saying; you have the right to counter that, and do your best to educate them. That is the role of the vocal person, the one who has turned trauma and adversity into strength, that is me.

So even though society would have me be silent on issues, I know it is my responsibility to be the vocal one in the time when social change is a reality. It would be remiss of me to overlook my vital role in sharing the arguments of the overlooked and ignored. I have found my focus, and I am so grateful to have a meaningful purpose.

Thank you for joining me today at the start of focus month my darling. I will be back next week, same time, same place, until then stay focused!

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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