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All that Glitters

Dress PR Product from Simply Be - part of a previous working relationship

Oh hello, darling! Welcome back to May on This month, the focus will be on self-reflection. Conversations that explore parts of myself, that perhaps you may be having too. These are the conversations that if we heard from other people, would make us feel more valid and powerful. Today I would love to explore all that glitters.

I remember as a child, leafing through the Argos catalogue. I would spend hours staring at the gaudy costume rings at home on most octogenarians’ fingers. I wanted so desperately to be in that world. I wanted to feel the special nature that those rings shimmering on the glossy pages showed me.

When I asked my Mum or Grandma if I could too have a genuine paste cocktail ring, I was always told I was too young, or that they weren't for me. This dismissal excluded me from possessing such beauty, and left a hole in my world. I knew that when I could I would fill my life with all that glitters.

The minute I had my own money I began to collect jewellery. Rings on at least every finger, with some sporting three! Earrings to catch the light, and grab your attention. Necklaces to layer up and make a statement. The B necklace is doing a great job. Referencing Ugly Betty, Anne Boleyn and just a touch of narcism, it brings me so much joy.

Perhaps I am drawn to objects that have significant gender codes to assert my own subversion of what is expected of me. I don’t really know, but the jewellery that I pile onto my body makes me feel ALIVE - deeply connected to who I am.

Certainly I have surrounded myself with objects that shine to hide the dullness of the world around me. I have long felt that my own shine has been dimmed by society. So I use objects as a method to amplify this!

It is exciting to explore who you are through objects. Interest in certain things is desire. Choosing to answer these wants, can only bring more pleasure into your life. It doesn’t have to be so affirming or even ground breaking - but it could also allow you to explore moods, colours and allow a deeper sense of self to develop.

Lusting for the things that glitter in life is a powerful act of defiance, and also an act of self preservation. They form part of my identity, but also provide energy to bring my full and truest self to every day I spend on this planet. Society has for too long downplayed the role of clothes and accessories in affirming personal narratives.

For the LGBTQIA community we have always known this, and it is my honour to remind you once again! Remember to embrace the things that make you feel like the truest version of yourself! Thank you for joining me today my darlings. As always, I love you lots like jelly tots, until next time, uh buh bye.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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