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The Practical Applications of Planning

Oh hello darling and welcome back to February on This month I am exploring the behaviours we can apply to our actions to help us overcome the hurdles of 2021, placing you in the best position to achieve your goals.

Today I want to wax lyrical about my love for planning.



“the act of deciding how to do something”

Planning is often yawned off as the bore of modern behaviour, but don’t be fooled by its dowdy reputation, it is a healthy way to take away some of the stress and anxiety that an unplanned life can throw up. Keep reading to find out planning can help you this year.

I have always been a planner, and as such never a very spontaneous person. When I was younger this, of course, fed the fires of my bullies and made it even harder for me to interact with my peers. I sometimes think that my lack of spontaneity has meant that I have missed out on certain events and situations, but upon reflection, there is a right time for everything, so take life at your own speed.

Okay back to planning, the definition is the most helpful because it expands on the meaning, and shows us that its a way to decide how to approach a task, emotion or personal issue. Planning is time laid out, to begin with, but allows us to save time later on when it comes to those trickier moments in life.

Planning in my mid-20s has been one of the main ways that I have progressed my career. Not in the sense that I planned a pandemic, and landed more freelance work as a result of it, no not at all. More that planning and the act of deciding my route in work and life gave me an intention, and provided my individual outlook on the world.

This has meant that trickier discussions, decisions and work projects have been easier to handle because I have a set of professional presets that I fall back on. Planning has provided me with a response and a reason to create, that without I feel sure I would be very lost. My morals and my position in the world has fed into who I am, and now I use that to define who I will be.

In a sense, planning takes away some of the stomach-clenching moments that life throws at us. It's not eradicated, but I don’t flounder as often as I could have. This has been the most helpful lesson I have taught myself. If this resonated with you, see how you can incorporate planning into your life, and watch as it boosts your sense of self.

Thank you for embarking with me on this small self-improvement piece, I will be back next week to explore the need for nuance. As always, I love you lots like jelly tots, until next time, uh buh bye.

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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