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Be sustainable - know your style

Welcome back to Slow fashion month, and today I want to help you be more sustainable in the way you consume clothes.

When you work in fashion as I do, you begin to see the codes of style and the ways others dress, as well as yourself. You see what works for yourself, and what will not work for you. I can hear you thinking, Ben what has this got to do with sustainability? Well, keep reading to find out.

At no point this month have I told you that you cannot buy anything new. I am suggesting that you simply buy less and wear the things that you already have more. When thinking of parting with your hard earned money for a piece, thinking long and hard about its usefulness and versatility in your wardrobe will be very beneficial.

So knowing your style is very beneficial. It allows you to work out which piece will be a good addition to your collection of clothes. Whereby I mean, that you will get lots of wear from it, and it will work in current existing garment formulas that you already put on your body.

I am a big fan of a smart casual ensemble and am officially a blazer queen. I have a lot of suits, but I like to wear them with jeans for a simpler more formal take on a day look. This means that I will always be able to purchase a jacket, as I know it will fit well into my wardrobe. Which is exactly why I let myself have the blue jacket you will see in 2 posts time - we love a tease don’t we!

You can still take risks, and you can absolutely still have fun with the way that you dress. However, when it comes to true impulse purchases try and rationalise the thought process of what you are thinking of buying. Really considering what comes into your wardrobe will reduce the strain on the planet we owe so much too.

Knowing your style makes this design making process that much easier. Think about your favourite ever looks, and work out the code of that look. Is it a jacket and shirt combo, or are you a jumpsuit lover. Whatever it is, work that into your purchasing codes to make your shopping habits more sustainable.

Thank you for joining me today darling, I will be back next week, as always.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

At Penrhyn Castle, North Wales


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