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The Power of Glamour

Oh hello darling and welcome to a brand new post, a stepping stone in the path that winds through the garden of housekeeping month. We are firmly into December, and the Holiday period is well and truly upon us. So today, I want to talk to you about the exciting world of festive dressing.

For many, the festive period is the time for excess, sequins, glitter and glamour. Up and down the nation jazzy ties are being donned, Karen and Linda are pouring themselves into their full-body Spanx, and Marks and Spencer are charging double for anything that has a vague bit of glitter on it.

It is hard for some to know how to dress for these special occasions. However, what do you do when this is your approach to all dressing occasions? Yes I love a good sequin, I always make a statement and have mastered the art of being overdressed but it not being a problem.

I cannot give you advice on all occasions, events and dilemmas. All I can offer you is some thoughts that have guided me and given the ability to enjoy the special nature of this period as much as anyone else. For me festive dressing allows me the chance to comfortably dress for me, and shine as bright as I want because everyone else is also trying. I feel like I can take more risks, be bolder, and have even more fun with the way I dress. If every day is festive for my style, then the actual festive period is the cherry on top.

If you follow any other style influencers you will see a plethora of options, and when it comes to style advice I would always urge you to look to people you feel a connection with. One of my faves on Instagram is Sara Brown, she is the epitome of bold dressing, colourful, fashionable and accessible. Her personality and style feed off each other, and that’s what makes Sara’s style so joyous. In recent posts, Sara has embraced the special nature of festive dressing and allowed it to boost her normal levels of glamour. Sara is a great example of how to dress when you already look party-ready day to day.

When it comes to trends and style, for me I always gravitate to what feels right. This season I have been loving the head to toe monochromatic looks MaxMara have been pushing, and I am here to bring you my very own version of that GLAMOUR (pronounced gla-more). Red is a passion of mine, and I am serving you RICH WARM ELEGANCE. Red on red on red and I feel fabulous.

In general, wearing one colour head to toe is a very easy way to look polished, poised and confident. Keep the tones similar and it does all the talking for you. No-one stopped me buying this coat, because I am independent person, and even though I have what feels like 100s of options, this has been a welcome addition to my winter wardrobe, and brings me SO much joy!!!

If excess is not your style, then try this look in a rich camel, black or even soft cream, and you can be cosy and poised all season long. Whatever you choose to wear this holiday season, make sure that you stick to your style and are comfortable, because this period is stressful enough without having to worry about what you are wearing!!

Thank you for joining me today, as always my darling, next week I will bring you the final post of 2019! Until then have a ball dressing just as you wish…

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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