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Bag of the Season

Fashion month and September, in reality, is a big month of spending for some, with refreshing your wardrobe and style for the season ahead. However, if like me and a lot of other people, you want to buy less and re-wear what you already own. Then the best way to bring new season style is through accessories.

Thus a new season launch of bags is PERFECT for this time of year. Enter Alpha Omega the exciting London based brand that you will know for their INCREDIBLE shoes, but this September, they are launching bags.

I was very kindly asked to shoot a mini-campaign with the brand, to showcase the bags, spending an afternoon in Chelsea is NEVER BAD, and we had a ball. You know that when it comes to fashion, I love accessories and I start here, before heading to the rest of my look.

We chatted sustainable fashion, supporting smaller businesses and STYLE. The Fashion Industry is going through a massive flux, and big businesses are working out how they need to change, but by perhaps doing more damage. Smaller businesses help support more people and cause less impact.

So I urge you this fashion month, to support smaller independent business, buy less, and invest in quality pieces that will last more than one season.

Okay so let’s talk shop, the new bags are more than just an accessory. Crafted from a material that is derived from pineapple, these leather-free bags seriously pack a punch. Big enough for work, the gym or I don’t know your collection of vinyls?!

I fell in love the minute I saw them, bold, bright and an incredible statement Alpha Omega London has brought an accessory that can lift even the dullest of outfits.

As it happens the outfit I chose to wear to shoot these pictures, is a super longterm member of my wardrobe. I have had this suit since my first ever LFW, its stretchy, comfy, and perfect for all weathers. I love it but fear that its simple classic nature makes it too memorable.

Yet the bold nature of the divine bags from Alpha Omega London makes this outfit feel incredibly fresh, and bang on trend for AW19, but will work for YEARS to come, and keep my current clothes selection feeling very fresh. So you should absolutely check out what Alpha Omega has to offer.

Thank you for joining me today, and as always! I will see you next week, for the conclusion of fashion month.


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