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Last of the Summer Wine

Oh hello darling and welcome to the last post of Fashion Month. All month long we have chatted about the feeling of newness in September, the idea that we can love our bodies and the way we dress, and new product launches!

Today I want to talk about something that really isn’t very tangible or even very meaningful to some, but that is really important to me. There is a certain way that I approach feeling towards something, that in someways feel more in my head than in reality.

Obviously having just read that back, I sound completely unhinged, and that this has nothing to do with fashion month, but bear with me, all will become clear, I hope!

Summer is well and truly over, next week is October, and the days are shorter, colder and the C word is on people’s lips. So the last fleeting moments of summer suddenly feel precious, that I should hold onto them, for they will be lost forever. Yet in reality I am itching to be able to wear a coat every day. I love Autumn, and cannot relate to clinging onto summer past August.

There is a certain amount of pressure from people that love summer, that summer must prevail, and that Autumn is BAD. I mean I cannot stop the passage of time Brenda, but by looking forward to the cooler months, I am somehow diminishing the strength of the remaining days of summer. I know this is not a thing but it also really is.

When it comes to September, I long to wear coats, and the first time I do that, I squeal with delight internally. Now I’m not alone in this feeling, but it’s also not something that I openly chat about. You see I feel I should hold back my emotions, and enjoy what is left of summer, even though I mentally checked out of summer the first time I had to turn the heating on in my car.

It is apparent that at this point I am rambling about an emotional state that is affecting me. Am I feeling guilty for looking forward to a season that I love? I mean, yes this is exactly what is happening. I think I am so used to trying not to cause conflict in my life, and with those around me, I pander to other people's emotions. I don’t even think saying I like Autumn is a big deal.

It really isn’t, I guess the issue is that I don’t always allow myself the pleasure of saying what I really like, which is also ridiculous, because I am so vocal. The larger point here, and in reality what I am getting at, is that anytime we change or conceal how we really feel based on the location or situations we are in, we lose.

So to conclude fashion month, I urge you to make sure that you are always 100% honest with how you feel. Always make sure you say if you love something, and say if you don’t. Be yourself, and if an environment makes you feel any different, then LEAVE.

Life is hard enough, being yourself is hard, but being someone else is even harder.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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