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Ben Tries: Chocolate...

Darling welcome back to what is fast becoming one of my favourite monthly features over on Yes today I am trying chocolate, but not just any chocolate, I am sampling from the Marks and Spencer chocolate convenience sized snack section (it doesn’t get more specific than this honey) admittedly it’s a little niche, but who cares ahaha…

Swiss Milk Chocolate

So lets start with a good all rounder, Swiss Milk. Darling you know good and well that this was incredible, smooth and creamy- everything that I want.

Dark Chocolate with Clementine

I thought that this would be a nice option. However I fond this do be quite dry, and I didn’t think that the orange went well with the dark chocolate.

Cappuccino Bar

I like coffee, and I like chocolate so whats not to love ? Well, it was okay just not that exciting, needless to say I was underwhelmed.

72% Dark Chocolate

Now I am not the biggest fan of dark chocolate, I WAS SO SURPRISED. I loved this one, it was so intense and creamy at the same time- honey this was SO GOOD.

Almond Marzipan

As a child marzipan was one of the things I really didn’t like, however in recent years it really began to grow on me. However, plot twist- this was awful- far too nutty, maybe the addition of the almonds with the marzipan tipped it over the edge. So if nuts are your gig then head on down to M&S and put this straight in your basket.

So there you have it, 5 Chocolates tried from the Marks and Spencer chocolate convenience sized snack section. I am surprised by the results; Swiss Milk and 72% Dark in joint First. Cappuccino in Third, Dark Chocolate with Clementine down on Forth and in last place, Almond Marzipan.

Another month, another Ben Tries, what would your favourite be ?? Let me know what you want me to try next !!!!

I will see you on Friday, until then TTFN.


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