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Birthday Suit

I wasn’t planning anything for my birthday - in fact, I almost forgot about it. However, when the angels at Warehouse sent me the most amazing suit - I knew this would be my birthday suit! In true Leo style, today (and the other 364 tbh) is truly all about me.

I talk a lot about being a Leo. Horoscopes and the zodiac signs have often offered me comfort and guidance. I feel - as many of us do I’m sure - comfort in a belief of some guidance - and also my Leo personality traits act as reassurance and as a belief system.

It makes me sad somehow - as I think of one of my favourite Leos, Whitney Houston. I am always drawn back to what upon reflection is a deep sadness combined with her powerful success. Her songs will always be a firm fave for celebration, joy and reflection.

Birthdays always have a lingering sadness, like the last day of a holiday, or when the tide comes in and washes away sand castles. With each birthday my time on this earth shortens, and I age, this year is no different as I turn the page from 27 to 28.

Age is scary, as it is linked to success - well at least it is for me. However, I feel this year I have stepped into my power and career-wise created moments I can truly be so proud of.

There is also the fact that many times this year - I did not think I would make it to this day. That I am here is a blessing and is well worth celebrating. So I’m tentatively looking forward to my 28th year, full of anticipation for all that I may discover and experience - not to be too much of a tease, but I know some exciting things are on their way!!!

Right - who’s for cake?

Shot by Ruth Pechey


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