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Inspiration can come from anywhere. 

I love to be inspired when it comes to styling my clothes. Whether it is Pinterest, trend websites like The Trend Spotter, or muses on social media.

One such muse is the amazing Francesca Perks, whose colour play, and irreverent style have been on my mind of late. Pairing yellow and leopard print, was a stroke of genius, and was something I was keen to recreate. 

When I pulled pieces from my wardrobe(s) to put the look together it didn’t look right. Maybe I’m not as cool as Fran, maybe our colouring is slightly different. Whatever it was that swayed me - something was off. 

That's when I remembered inspiration is about the idea, not creating a carbon copy. 

This also happens to be one of the things I love about high fashion, none of the looks are made in a size or price that is accessible to me, or most of us. But you can interpret the mood, or the look, in your own way to make it work for you.

Which is just what I decided to do with this look. 

I took the things that Fran had put together - the yellow, the leopard, and the strong loafer - and remixed them in a way that worked for me. I left out the bits that weren’t me, I don’t think I own a plain white tee. This left me with an inspired look that is unequivocally me.

This is why I think styling clothes to work for you, instead of recreating things that work well on others, is the best way to approach dressing. You know what works best for you - so make that happen. Oh and also make sure you're following Fran for the best inspiration and starting points!

So don’t be a copycat, be inspired to dress for yourself!


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